Nourishing Thyroid Health

nourishing-thyroid-health Place: Online
Cost: $1297

A unique 4-month online program, led by thyroid expert, Andrea Beaman, that combines highly interactive learning sessions with expert guests on a range of essential topics and also include LIVE coaching calls.

The program covers:

  • The environmental factors that contribute to thyroid disease
  • Which “healthy” foods inhibit thyroid function
  • All of the delicious foods that support the thyroid and how to prepare them
  • Healing herbs and how to use them for thyroid, adrenal and endocrine health
  • Why fat and cholesterol is imperative for the endocrine system
  • Why focusing on TSH, T3 and T4 levels will keep you chasing your tail and what you can do to start healing
  • The metaphysical and mind/body connection to thyroid disease
  • The intimate connection between your thyroid, digestion and liver health
  • The role stress and blood sugar plays in breaking down the thyroid and endocrine system
  • Delicious recipes for optimizing thyroid health and how to cook them

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