New Healers Master Coaching Program

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I was hesitant to sign up for the course in the beginning as a new health coach just launching my business because I wanted to keep expenses at a minimum…this program is priceless and I am delighted I decided to add the New Healer’s program into my education and for my own personal love of health and wellness.  
Raquel Guzman, Health and Lifestyle Coach


I am amazed that the information is not only focusing on the foods, but also including emotional and mental feelings, thoughts and life styles to diagnose the client’s root causes. The program presentations and action guides were very helpful in going into more depth of what Andrea talked to us about in the videos provided. Being able to download and save all the materials and coaching calls are so helpful because I can listen to it over and over until I finally understand or remember them. It is a life saver to know that I can access the material forever. By doing actions, confidence will be increased-this is the key to success that I learned from this program and more I do actions I believe I can make more success in my journey. Thank you so much for everything!
Master Jey Park, - Energy Healer, New York, NY.
I had a client with pain in her lips and tongue, and with visual diagnosis and Andrea’s support she is better now. The program has absolutely given me a different outlook on health coaching. I can work with my clients in healthy issues, supporting them with healthy foods and healthy habits.  
Paola Porrero, Health Coach, Mckinney, TX
This course is far beyond any of my expectations. Andrea is amazing as the beautiful person she is and for creating this excellent material…She makes this fascinating work even more fascinating. Her classes are packed with information, strategies, laughter and so much love. Andrea is always real, smart and incredibly caring. Thursday evenings can’t come soon enough for me—I’ll be really sorry to have them done. I am newly invigorated and challenged—knowing I can do so much more to help my clients heal.  
Judith Hasselblad, Owner & Founder at All That Nourishes LLC, Salem, OR


Andrea and her courses are AMAZING!! I have LOVED them all, and look SO forward to each one coming out, watching it, and being on the live calls. The program has definitely given me a different outlook on health coaching. I know I will be referring to the slides and handouts working with my health-coaching clients for a long time to come. MANY MANY thanks again for pulling all of this important information together into one place and format for us to learn from, and for sharing your special gifts with the world Andrea. You truly are a FANTASTIC teacher!!!
Heidi Hackler, Seattle, WA