Do you need a BIG dose of culinary medicine? Make an herbed sauce!

Most folks think that by putting a tablespoon or two of aromatic culinary herbs into their food that they are getting a good dose of using food as medicine.

While it’s true that culinary herbs can be used medicinally, you may need to increase your dosage from time to time, to get the effect you’re seeking.

That’s when herbed sauces come to the rescue!

There are many sauces that contain a high dose of culinary herbs. Below are three that I highly recommend for a variety of reasons:

  • Pistou – originated in France, made from garlic, basil and olive oil
  • Pesto – originated in Italy, prepared with basil, garlic, olive oil, grated hard cheese and pine nuts
  • Chimichurri – originated in South America (Argentina and Uruguay), prepared with parsley, garlic, oil, oregano and white vinegar

These sauces have some things in common.

First and foremost they are all highly aromatic. That means these herbs can stimulate the olfactory senses and memory.[1]

Second, both basil and oregano have been touted as mood enhancers. So much so, that in Ancient Greece, if oregano grew on a loved one’s grave, it indicated that they lived a happy life.[2]

And, last, but not least, they all contain garlic. Garlic is a classic food/herb for cleansing pathogens, relieving food poisoning, reducing high cholesterol and moving/dispersing energy.[3]

So… if you’re feeling kinda blahgedy blag, kick up your culinary clogs, get into the kitchen and try any of these herbed sauces.

They are delicious on meats, veggies, grains, seafood, noodles, eggs, and just about anything for goshsakes!

Try this Chimichurri sauce for starters. It’s a good one to help brighten any meal and lift your spirits.

Chimichurri Herb Sauce


[2] Rodale’s 21st Century Herbal, Michael J. Balick, Phd, 2014 Rodale, pg. 218