Are you ready for the new age of healthcare?


I speak at many health and wellness conferences about using food, herbs and alternative healing modalities as medicine.

For over two decades the audiences that have come to hear this message have been filled with holistic-minded people seeking alternatives to prescription medication and surgery.

But, a BIG shift is happening.

In the past few years I’ve noticed more and more nurse practitioners, pharmacists, doctors, and other conventional healthcare workers attending those “alternative health” lectures.

In 2018 I was invited to be the keynote speaker for a progressive hospital’s yearly conference, where the audience was filled entirely with nurse practitioners and conventional doctors.

It seems more modern practitioners and hospitals are shifting toward incorporating alternative and holistic treatments.

Why do you think this shift to natural forms of healthcare is happening right now? Could it be because that’s where the “out of pocket” money is going?

According to an NBC news article, Americans are spending over 30 billion dollars a year on alternative medicine that is NOT covered by health insurance.[1]

It seems that people are paying big bucks for alternative health treatments because they believe in their efficacy, even though many of those holistic therapies are not scientifically or medically proven.[2] [3]

At the medical conference where I spoke, the organizers referenced that 40% of the population is currently seeking alternative treatments for what’s ailing them. And, that number is growing every year.

It’s clear that people are moving toward ancient remedies like Ayurvedic medicine and TCM that include diet, herbs, exercise, lifestyle improvements, and prevention of disease to help them get to the root cause of their conditions.

A few of the nurse practitioners at the conference confided in me that they want to get out of the hospital environment altogether. They are on the front lines and they see what’s happening to patients: medication after medication after medication, followed by costly surgeries that could have been avoided.

Modern medicine is amazing at working with trauma and putting people back together again. But, when it comes to “healing the body” they have to make substantial changes in the way they are treating people otherwise they are going to be left behind.

The shift is happening now.

Somehow we have to find a way to marry these two modalities and take the best from each: modern technology and ancient healing practices.

I believe this union will be the healthcare of the future.

If you are a health coach or a wellness practitioner (or even if you are a conventional practitioner) and you are seeking to expand your knowledge to use ancient healing practices to support your clients’ health and grow your practice, get access to my FREE Organ and Meridian Assessment Ebook.

You’ll never look at healing the body the same way again.

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