Natural healing is essential especially during crisis!

I received an email from a woman named Robyn who unsubscribed from my mailing list.

She said, “It’s shameful that you are making a profit off C*ronavirus.”

She was referring to an online cooking class I presented on Lung and Respiratory Support

First and foremost, she’s entitled to her opinion. I don’t have any anger or resentment toward her or her point of view.

But, I do disagree with her attempt to shame me for my work during this challenging time for the human race.

The work I do is essential to the health of my clients and the world at large.

First and foremost, I’m in the business of preventative healthcare and natural healing, and I’ve been doing this work for over two decades.

I provide preventative and healing methods for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. Some examples include:

My job as a wellness practitioner is to understand the illness, including C*vid-19, from an alternative and preventative perspective and provide natural ways to rebalance the body and heal using diet, herbs, lifestyle, and consciousness.

This knowledge is essential for a variety of reasons, many of which became abundantly clear during this c*ronavirus crises:

  • People on lockdown couldn’t get out to visit a doctor, go for a blood test, or even get access to a hospital as many were overwhelmed with C*vid-19 cases.
  • For a wide variety of C*vid-19 symptoms (poor immunity, dry cough, sore throat, loss of taste, and smell) people have access to medicine in their kitchen and don’t even know it.
  • Beyond C*vid-19, people are struggling with many other conditions and need support and guidance on how to manage them from home using the remedies at their disposal.

As a health coach and wellness practitioner, I provide service to my clients and care for their needs as they seek support for a variety of symptoms related to Covid-19 and other conditions.


My service is essential to the health and well-being of people during this crisis and beyond.

  • Doctors and healthcare workers are doing work that is essential.
  • People preparing food are doing work that is essential.
  • Grocery store workers are doing work that is essential.
  • Delivery services are doing work that is essential.
  • Police and fire departments are doing work that is essential.
  • Transportation workers are doing work that is essential.

These people get paid for their service without any shame attached to it.

The work that preventative and alternative healthcare workers like myself and many other wellness practitioners do is also essential.

We provide service to PREVENT and HEAL and take the burden OFF an overwhelmed healthcare system.

As we’ve clearly witnessed throughout this pandemic, our healthcare system CANNOT handle the amount of stress the virus presented to society as a whole.

So, whether it’s this virus or the next disease that overtakes the population, wellness practitioners of all kinds are providing essential service to help people make it through with their health, their life, and their sanity, intact.

There is no shame in that.