My heart feels broken

I got a text from my cousin Chris. He said, “Are you staying in?”

I said, “Heck no. I get out every morning for a 4-mile walk with the pup.”

I thought he was referring to “staying in” amidst the Coronavirus lockdown.

He said, “I mean with the riots. Every major city is having them.”

My heart sank.

I went to the quickest way to get news that’s happening anywhere in the world (Twitter) and watched the videos and the chaos, and the confusion.

My heart has broken so many times over the past week.

My heart broke when I initially saw the story about the black man, George Floyd, who was killed by the white police officer in Minneapolis.

My heart broke thinking about the pain his family and friends are feeling.

My heart broke when I read about the riot in that same city.

My heart broke when I watched footage of the rioting in my city, New York.

My heart broke when I read that a woman threw a Molotov cocktail into a police van with four police officers sitting in it.

My heart broke for all of the good cops who swore to protect and serve the people, and are taking the wrath for the inhumane act of one of their peers.

My heart broke when I watched shocking videos of the despicable acts of an extremist group of people who were not part of the BLM movement, who were instigating chaos, and destroying property at many of the protests.

My heart is breaking over and over again and it hurts.

It hurts for the humans that have lost their way in the world.

It hurts that there is racism.

It hurts for all of the people that have forgotten, or have never been taught, what it means to be kind, loving, and compassionate.

It hurts for all of humanity that is suffering through this extremely difficult time.

And, I know mine is not the only heart that is broken and hurting.

I hope from the ashes of these burning cities, true leaders will rise to help mend all of our broken hearts.