Mutilate My Body? Not Intentionally!

Over two decades ago, when I was working at MTV Networks, a co-worker told me she was having her breasts surgically removed to prevent cancer.

She said her mom had breast cancer and she was deathly afraid of being diagnosed with it as well.

She warned me, “Andrea, your mom had breast cancer, too. You are at a much higher risk. You should think about getting this operation.”

I thanked her for the advice and told her I didn’t believe removing my breasts was a sensible preventative measure.

She assured me that the doctors said they would reconstruct her breasts and no one would ever be able to tell that she had surgery.

She spoke about her breasts as if they were optional. She told me she didn’t want them anymore – especially if they were going to cause cancer.

I could see she was scared and for good reason. The modern-day treatments of cancer are pretty barbaric.

I don’t believe radiation and chemotherapy are sensible healing treatments. You can read more about that here: I Don’t Believe In Cancer. And, I certainly don’t believe cutting off pieces of the body prevents any disease.

After leaving MTV Networks, I became fully engaged in the field of health and wellness. I met a doctor/scientist that was working on the Human Genome Project. She was curious to know why I got into alternative healing. I shared my story of naturally healing my thyroid by changing my diet and lifestyle. I told her I transitioned my health by shifting from mostly junk food and fast food to organically grown whole foods, naturally raised animal proteins, vegetables, and sea vegetables.

She didn’t seem surprised at all and matter-of-factly stated, “Of course your thyroid healed, you were eating seaweed and it’s rich in iodine.”

I said, “If that information is known, why would a doctor surgically remove a thyroid or use drugs to destroy it? Why wouldn’t they just advise the patient to eat seaweed or other iodine-rich foods?”

“Medication and surgery are quick and easy,” she said. “Besides, who has the time to cook, or wants to change their diet?”

OMG! She was absolutely right!

As a health coach, I know how resistant people can be to making simple diet and lifestyle changes.

She asked why I decided to use food as an option in the first place. So, I told her about my mom’s battle with breast cancer and our experiments with Macrobiotics and whole foods. She was shocked, and sternly advised that I “absolutely must” go for yearly mammograms, and begin them as soon as possible.

I thanked her for the advice, but told her I would not be going for a mammogram… ever!

I said, “After what you just told me about why doctors remove the thyroid, I’ll pass on the breast squashing, radiation ritual, and continue doing exactly what I’m doing.”

She chastised, “Don’t be foolish, go for the mammogram. Breast cancer is in your genes.”

I don’t believe that to be true.

In my family, my mother was the first one to be stricken with breast cancer. No other relatives had cancer. There was no link to anyone other than herself to this dreadful disease. Where was the hereditary gene factor for my mother?

A great example of the misconception that “cancer is in your genes” can be found in Asian countries where breast cancer was virtually non-existent fifty or sixty years ago. Today, the breast cancer rate in Japan is catching up with the American rate.

According to Breast Cancer Source, “Japanese women are five times less likely to develop breast cancer than American women. However, Japanese immigrants to the USA have been shown to lose this advantage within one to two generations, assuming the same risk profile as American women. This observation suggests that environmental factors play a role in developing the disease.”[1]

We have lost our connection to the human body and how it reacts to its environment, both internally and externally. We have lost faith in the body’s amazing self-healing ability, and we have lost our minds to the nonsense that is spewed at us on a daily basis from the medical and pharmaceutical industries and promoted by the mainstream media.

I believe yearly mammograms, and intentional mutilation does not prevent breast cancer in any way. As a matter of fact, I believe these aggressive attacks on the body actually promote disease.

We willingly submit ourselves to medical practices that are nonsensical due to irrational fears and ideas we have about diseases (cancer, thyroid disease, heart disease, etc.).

Thankfully, many doctors and experts are now advising women that radiation from mammograms is dangerous and the toxic effects are being acknowledged as a significant factor in the development of breast cancer. Recent studies have shown that breast cancer screenings cause more harm than good and lead to unnecessary lumpectomies, mastectomies, and surgeries that compromise health.[2]

There are scientists that refute gene theories and the scientific dogma that comes along with it. People like Greg Braden author of The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, and Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. Both of these scientists advise us to improve our environment (both internally and externally) to prevent and heal disease. Altering our environment includes food, lifestyle, emotional reactions, and consciousness.

We can’t control the garbage that big industries are polluting the planet with, but we can control what we choose to put inside our body and mind.

Ask yourself this question: Why is it that a woman like Anita Moorjani, who naturally healed her body of advanced cancer (stage 4 lymphoma), doesn’t make it to the front page of ANY mainstream media? But, people that are perpetuating the fear of cancer and mutilation of the human body, do?

I choose to experience the world from an alternative healing perspective rather than submit myself to the brutal experiments of a fear-driven society. If I had not made this decision many years ago, I would be just another diseased statistic like so many others. And, I would NOT have my thyroid today.

I won’t get tested for the BRCA gene because I don’t believe in the treatment if they do find it. The recommended treatment for women with BRCA is mutilation, not prevention.

I think we need to get clear on that.

Prevention is something completely different.

Take a lesson from the father of medicine. He stated: “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates

I believe it’s time we start working with the body’s natural healing force and stop attacking it.

What do you believe?

If you are a health coach or wellness practitioner and want to prevent and heal disease naturally, start with this eye-opening Ebook to alter your perspective about our current model of health-care.

Take a lesson from the father of medicine. He stated: “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates

I believe it’s time we start working with the body’s natural healing force and stop attacking it.

What do you believe?

[1] Source: Sondik EJ. Breast cancer trends: Incidence, mortality and survival. Cancer 1994: 74:995-999.