Mutilate My Body? Not Intentionally!

woman breasts breastMore than a decade ago, when I was working at MTV Networks, a co-worker told me she was having her breasts removed to prevent cancer.

She said her mom had breast cancer and she was deathly afraid of being afflicted with it.

She warned, “Andrea, your mom had breast cancer, too. You are at a much higher risk. You may want to have this operation done.”

I thanked her for the advice, and told her I didn’t believe mutilating my body was a sensible “preventative” measure. She assured me that the doctors said they would reconstruct her breasts and no one would ever be able to tell that she had surgery.

She spoke about her breasts as if they were optional. She told me she didn’t want them anymore – especially if they were going to cause her to have cancer.

She spoke about breast cancer as if it had already manifested in her body. I could see she was scared and for good reason. Our modern day treatments of cancer are pretty barbaric. I don’t believe radiation and chemotherapy are healing treatments. You can read more about that here: I Don’t Believe In Cancer.

And, I certainly don’t believe mutilating the body “prevents” a disease.

After leaving MTV Networks, I became fully engaged in the field of health and wellness. I met a doctor/scientist that was working on the Human Genome Project. She was curious to know why I got into alternative healing. I shared my story of naturally healing my thyroid by changing my diet and lifestyle. I told her I transitioned my health by shifting from junk food and fast food to organically grown whole foods, naturally raised animal proteins, vegetables and sea vegetables.

She didn’t seem surprised at all and matter-of-factly stated, “Of course your thyroid healed, you were eating seaweed and it’s rich in iodine.”

I said, “If that information is known, why on earth would any doctor surgically remove a thyroid or use drugs to destroy it? Why wouldn’t they just advise the patient to eat seaweed or other iodine rich foods?”

“Medication and surgery are quick and easy,” she said. “Besides, who has the time to cook, or wants to change their diet?”

She was absolutely right! As a health coach, I know how resistant people can be to making diet and lifestyle changes.

She asked why I decided to use food as an option in the first place. I told her about my mom’s battle with breast cancer and our experiments with Macrobiotics and whole foods. She was shocked and sternly advised that I “absolutely must” go for yearly mammograms, and to begin them as soon as possible.

I thanked her for the advice, but told her I would not be going for mammograms ever!

I said, “After what you told me about why doctors remove the thyroid, I’ll pass on the breast squashing, radiation ritual, and continue doing exactly what I’m doing – preventing illness by taking the best possible care of myself: physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

She chastised me, “Don’t be foolish, go for the mammogram. Breast cancer is in your genes.”

I don’t believe that to be true. In my family, my mother was the first one to be stricken with breast cancer. No other relatives had it. There was no link to anyone other than herself to this dreadful disease. Where, then, was the hereditary gene factor for my mother?

A great example of the misconception that “cancer is in your genes” can be found in Asian countries where breast cancer was virtually non-existent fifty or sixty years ago. Today, the breast cancer rate in Japan is growing rapidly and catching up to the American rate.

According to Breast Cancer Source, “Japanese women are five times less likely to develop breast cancer than American women. However, Japanese immigrants to the USA have been shown to lose this advantage within one to two generations, assuming the same risk profile as American women. This observation suggests that environmental factors play a role in developing the disease.”[1]

We have lost our connection to the human body and how it reacts to its environment, both internally and externally. We have lost faith in the body’s amazing self-healing ability, and we have lost our minds to the nonsense that is spewed at us on a daily basis from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and promoted by the mainstream media.

I believe yearly mammograms, and intentional mutilation, does not prevent breast cancer in any way. As a matter of fact, I believe these aggressive attacks on the body actually promote disease. We willingly submit ourselves to medical practices that are nonsensical due to irrational fears and ideas we have about disease (cancer, thyroid disease, heart disease, etc.).

Thankfully, many doctors and experts are now advising women that radiation from mammograms is dangerous and the toxic effects are being acknowledged as a significant factor in the development of breast cancer. Recent studies have shown that breast cancer screenings cause more harm than good and lead to unnecessary lumpectomies, mastectomies and surgeries that compromise health.[2]

There are scientists that refute gene theories and the scientific dogma that comes along with it. People like Greg Braden author of The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, and Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. Both scientists advise us to improve our “environment” (both internally and externally) to prevent and heal disease. Altering our environment includes our food, lifestyle, emotional reactions, and consciousness.

We can’t control the garbage that big industries are polluting the planet with, but we can control what we choose to put inside our body and mind.

Ask yourself this question: Why is it that a woman like Anita Moorjani, who naturally healed her body of advanced cancer (stage 4 lymphoma), doesn’t make it to the front page of ANY mainstream media? But, people that are perpetuating the fear of cancer, and mutilation of the human body, do?

I choose to experience the world from an alternative healing perspective rather than submit myself to the brutal experiments of a fear-driven society. If I had not made this decision many years ago, I would be just another diseased statistic like so many others. And, I would NOT have my thyroid today.

I won’t get tested for BRCA gene because I don’t believe in the treatment for it. The recommended treatment for women with BRCA is mutilation, not prevention. I think we need to get clear on that. Prevention is something completely different.

If you are you a health coach or wellness practitioner that wants to learn how to prevent and heal disease, join me for some eye-opening information that is sure to alter your perspective about our current model of health-care. Details here: The New Healer’s Master Coaching Program.

Take a wise lesson from the father of medicine. He stated: “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates

I believe it’s time we start working with the body’s natural healing force and stop attacking it. What do you believe?

[1] Source: Sondik EJ. Breast cancer trends: Incidence, mortality and survival. Cancer 1994: 74:995-999.



  • Lynette

    My mammogram found my cancer at 36. If I would have waited until 40, I would have been dead! If I didn’t get the mammogram that found the cancer – I would be dead! I am a advocate of clean eating and do believe that you can cure the body of many diseases through diet, exercise and meditation. However, I am a bigger advocate if staying alive. Stating that woman shouldn’t get mammograms or use conventional medicines is foolish. Having thyroid disease and having cancer are completed different. It is genetic – you only quote 1 source written nearly 20 years ago – science certainly has changed since I graduated high school!

    • Paige

      I agree Lynette. I am also an advocate of clean eating but if I did not have the two inch cancerous tumor removed from my thyroid/neck I would have died. It was already interfering with my swallowing and breathing. And there is a big difference between thyroid cancer and thyroid disease (or a non-cancerous goiter). I am an advocate of holistic healing but also utilizing conventional medicine when necessary. I don’t feel it’s my place to tell someone what they should do with regards to health choices when every person is an individual and what is a right choice for one may not necessarily be the right choice for another.

      • Earl Kissack

        Your a strong Woman ! And a SMART ONE !

    • Lynette – that’s great! I’m happy to hear you are alive and well. I stand firm on my decision about mammograms. You can read more about mammograms here:
      Mammograms are dangerous and many doctors are now coming to the forefront about them. There are many other ways to check for lumps. It is certainly your view that cancer is genetic. It’s not mine. Keep up the great work taking care of yourself!

    • Earl Kissack

      Thank YOU Lynette !!

  • Barb

    To stay healthy or heal from a health problem is most important. Big difference between Healing and Treating. I am sure to prevent an illness is really the education we should get…how do we fuel our vehicle? I will always opt for natural and safe treatment before I go to radical invasive measures to correct a health problem. Of course the problem is how the medical machine uses FEAR to motivate our decisions. If we stay focused on our health we can pick and choose what WE need to heal. Great to have modern medicine when we really need it. Unfortunately we can’t trust the world that wont open to all of the options of health. Doctors are not trained to prevent they are trained only to treat. They over diagnose us and just start to treat without looking at how we may prevent further damage or reverse the situation. Most important most doctors do not guide us to prevent illness in a natural yet simple way… CLEAN NATURAL FOOD and ownership of our lifestyle! Health and empowerment through knowledge to all!

  • Lisa

    I totally agree with you Andrea. The fact that Angelina Jolie is now promoting double mastectomies in this celebrity-driven environment is criminal. She had the perfect opportunity to talk about promoting wellness through living healthy instead of surgery and drugs!

    • Lisa – I understand how you feel. But, I think Angelina Jolie made the best decision with the information she had. That’s why it’s important that other alternative information gets out into the world. So people can make more informed choices instead of being scared to death by the dogma perpetuated by the medical establishment and big pharma.

      • g

        Yes, Melissa Etheridge also felt the need to go on the TV show circuit and through Magazine and Newspaper Articles to spread misinformation. Angelina Jolie has done many stupid things in her lifetime, Her decisions to have a Prophylactic Mastectomy and later a hysterectomy are very intelligent decisions to make.

  • Maria Rickert Hong

    Love it, Andrea!

  • Marcia Woodfield

    I love how direct and clear you are about all this Andrea, and I totally agree with you. Thank you for bravely putting out what you believe, especially what is not accepted by the mainstream, as you do time and time again.

  • April Powell

    As a survivor of cancer and a food coach who has also healed health conditions through food and fitness choices. I agree, acting out of fear based on incomplete information is not what I would choose. The body does not turn on its-self. Choose preventive care not invasive mutilation.

  • Angela Earhart

    Yes and Amen!!

  • Raya

    Andrea, I am totally with you. I am appalled that mutilation is being promoted as a “pro-active” option (total garbage). I have a difficult time relating to that personally and, I too, will never get a mammogram.

    • g

      This is not mutilation. If you ever saw breast reconstruction after mastectomy you would be amazed. The only mutilation being done is what you are doing to facts and truths.

  • jennyshain


  • Earl Kissack

    Yearly Mammograms don’t prevent Cancer . But they do Help detect if it’s there . Diet is a good thing to change too . I do believe in the Breast Cancer . I have lost to many women in my Family to it . And they weren’t Fast food Junk eating women . They were Rancher’s wives and used the foods they grew and raised . Grass fed beef, Chicken and Pork Ect.. I am glad your way has helped you but don’t think it will work for everyone . and if you do and you tell Women to not get a Yearly Mammogram your a Fool . I am a Male and have had cancer twice . I am diabetic and Gluten Free . I stick to a diet and haven’t eaten at a fast food dive in almost 15 years . Diabetic for 32 .

  • lisagrau

    I had a prophylactic bilateral (preventative double) mastectomy 10 years ago and have NEVER regretted it. All the immediate female members of my family had and have the BRCA2 gene mutation and I had a breast cancer scare with biopsy just prior to my decision to get tested. My mother and my sister died long and painful deaths of ovarian cancer. My other sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mast. and is fine now. There was never a choice for me, I could not live with the feeling of a gun pointed at me. While I respect everyone’s personal journey and choices, I don’t feel it’s responsible or, for that matter, very smart to advise people not to get tested or to have some king of screening done. Modern medicine is not 100% evil – one just has to one’s own advocate and stay informed.

  • Dee

    She did say “I” in most of her paragraphs. She’s informing people of other choices. Do what you choose to do. Her choice is to NOT do it. I think giving out information so people can see different views is good. It’s worked for her, and others. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make it wrong. Way to go Andrea!

  • Bethany

    The problem with most health coaches is they have no connection to pharmaceuticals that keep people alive and do not know how to help people that depend on life saving drugs. I am on a life time of blood thinners after 3 life threatening blood clots. I do believe in the body’s ability to heal as my most dangerous clot was self healing. HOWEVER, it is impossible for me to live without the blood thinners. All of the most nutritious foods including beloved greens, seaweeds, goji berries, green tea, chamomile, etc. are dangerous to my heath if taken in the larger quantities required for healing with food. Be totally aware of what you are “prescribing” to people here. By the way, I am a vegetarian who carefully monitors my food intake as well as spending many hours researching natural healing but I would never be able to cure my current thyroid cancer with seaweed as it would surely give me a stroke. Be careful and I beg you to add cautions to these types of articles! Any kind of extremism whether on the side of holistic or modern medicine should not be perpetuated. Coexist.

    • dana

      I’m wondering about the seaweed remark? Why would seaweed induce stroke? Is that a commonly known side effect?

  • Ken Jaques

    Andrea, I’ve been thinking about this post all day. I tweeted a couple tweets to you. You are doing such a great (make that awesome-balls) job of getting people to pause and ask questions, and you are an unbelievable gift, making a huge difference in healing and health care. I remember leaving the Take Back Your Health conference as everyone was rushing out because of Hurricane Sandy, I looked in your eyes as you walked by and told myself “I need to meet that lady”. I’ve been kicking myself ever since as the opportunity was staring me in the face. Please keep doing what you’re doing, you inspire me regularly.

    • @kenjaques:disqus – ahhhhh! Next time you see me, yes… please stop and say hello so I can give you a big healthy hug. Thanks for the kudos about “getting people to pause.” That’s exactly what I am trying to do. Get people to “pause”, take a moment and ask an internal question, “is this reasonable? does this make sense to me? what does my gut instinct say/feel?” The Buddha said, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” I think it’s a good way to be in the world.

  • Nancy

    Hmm, I had mammograms since age 35 as ordered since my mom, sister, and two maternal aunts had breast cancer. In march of 2008, I got the letter saying there was no sign of cancer on my mammogram. In September of 2008, I had a 3cm lump in my breast and my liver was 2/3 covered with breast cancer as well. Lucky me, stage 4 at diagnosis. A mammogram didn’t catch my cancer early. Or at all! Our own intuition is likely as reliable. These are difficult choices…to screen, to accept treatment, etc. I chose chemo, but along with it, I chose a radical redo of my diet and lifestyle to complement my pharma treatment. This reduced side effects and fatigue. Follow your conscience. There is good farma in your garden! But a good oncologist isn’t so bad…

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  • Myriam Lluria Sitterson

    Excellent! I couldn’t agree more!

  • Shell

    Hi Andrea,
    I am BRCA ll positive. I found out after my mother almost died from ovarian cancer. It took me three years to make the decision about having my breasts removed. It’s tough when you face a 80% lifetime risk. Yes I follow an amazing healthy lifestyle just as the one you recommend but the reality for me based on my mutation was a big risk. One I choose not to take. I feel based on my circumstances I made the best decision for me. I did not do it because a celebrity promoted it or my doctor suggested . Actually my surgeon was very open to however I wanted proceed. I had an amazing team who respected how and when I wanted to have this done. I made a well thought out and researched decision. I am healthy and very happy with my personal choice. I don’t look at myself as being mutilated. I feel like a woman a beautiful woman! I think what needs to be clear is that it is a very personal choice. No one should judge or preach if they have not walked in the shoes.
    On another note I love the work you do! Thank you 🙂

    • @Shell – yes, of course! We all make choices based on our experience and what we feel we have to do for our survival. You made the choice that you feel is best for you. Keep up the great work taking care of yourself!

    • g

      Shell, did a surgeon cut your breasts off or did the surgeon remove the tissue. Please use more descriptive words as to what was done to you. No one cut your breasts off. No one mutilated you unless you had an unskilled surgeon. Your tissue was removed and replaced with an implant or you opted to have other types of reconstruction.

  • tafa

    You do realize mammograms are not the only diagnostic tool? Ultrasounds are far more effective and pose no risk as they are merely sound waves.The idea of not engaging in any preventive process baffles me. My daughter ,who eats a clean diet,exercises etc., had a lump evaluated through ultrasound and upon biopsy was found to have stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. Following genetic testing she is BRCA1 positive.;there is no significant history of breast cancer in our family. Again we are talking about someone living a healthy lifestyle. She will have a double mastectomy and I will never stigmatize her with the designation of being mutilated. There is too much we do not know to be absolutely certain that one way is the only way,integrative medicine,in my eyes is the most ratonal approach. If you truly ant to have a positive impact promote ultr sounds as opposed to mammograms but advocating no diagnostic method at all is narrow minded and irresponsible.

    • g

      Precisely. Same situation here. BRCA1 and estrogen receptor positive.

    • @tada7:disqus – thanks for your feedback. It sounds like your daughter is doing the best thing for herself and her condition according to her belief system. I disagree with you that NOT advocating a diagnostic method is narrow minded. It’s just a different mindset. You can read more about that here:

      • tafa

        Unfortunately you are assuming that my daughters and my belief system is aligned with allopathic medicine,nothing could be further than the truth. I have been practicing alternative therapies and healthy/holistic living my entire adult life. I work with a D.O.who respects my unorthodox views and use of diet ,herbs and supplements along with activity and exercise to maintain my health. I also believe mainstream medicine is meant to serve our needs, not for us to serve the system, and it is a broken system.

        However,the falsehood than many adopt is that we are never subject to the randomness of events or occurrences throughout our lives if we adhere to “the belief system”, In allopathic medicine everything needs to fit a category/test and is treated pharmacologically. In holistic medicine it’s if only we eat healthier,meditate harder;longer…if we use our power of positive thinking then we will heal ourselves. And if we are not healed? Are we to blame,are we the creator of the illness within,are we perpetuating the disease. Is this not passively blaming the individual for what ails them.? I’m sorry but belief does not provide substantiated truth or facts and in this situation that is not enough. You were fortunate that the lump you discovered receded but in all fairness it could have been a simple innocuous cyst.I am happy that was your end result if my daughter ignored hers we may be confronting a more advanced cancer and due to the genetic mutation that is 90% probable. I wish you well and hope you continue to challenge mainstream medicine but keep in mind, all beliefs need to challenged including our own then maybe we will have answers that are derived from the pursuit of truth not the investment we have in a belief.

  • dewdroppings

    Despite being stage 3 I was not given a mastectomy. Ironically stage 0 which is not even cancer is routinely treated with mastectomy and nothing else! Maybe more in US than Europe

  • A Woman With Experience

    I cannot believe that someone is so “stupid” to spread such misinformation. Preventative Prophylactic Mastectomies can be skin sparing and nipple sparing. Only the tissue is removed and replaced with a different type of stuffing. If someone is mutilated, then it is the plastic surgeon who is at fault. I, too, do not have any breast cancer in my family but I was “hit” with breast cancer at age 45. I was lucky because I was smart enough to have had mammograms. I found out that I had the BRCA1 gene MUTATION more than a decade later.. That’s right, it is a mutation of a BRCA gene. Everyone has BRCA genes, it is those that have a mutated BRCA gene which does not protect one from certain cancers. You understanding is skewed. The information you spread can hurt someone if they actually think you know what you are talking about. Eating healthy is of course, helpful but it won’t change your genes. BTW, a mammogram and MRI can catch breast cancer early. It is when you feel a lump that you are further along and have a greater chance of losing the cancer battle. You article title should be “Information from an Uninformed, Foolish Activist”.

    • @A Woman With Experience – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m not an activist, I’m a woman sharing thoughts and ideas that do NOT conform to the mainstream ideas of dealing with disease. It comes from experience as well. I’m not an advocate of mammograms, and there is medical science to back up my thoughts and feelings. You can read more info about that here: And, as far as genes go – you are correct you cannot change your genes, but once again, modern science is proving that not ALL genes become activated. They need the right environment for that to happen. You can read more about there here: So, as far as your recommendation about changing the title of my blog, I actually am well informed. I’m just informed by another set of beliefs and different people than you.

  • Kay Jeffries

    I was a registered mammographer for quite a few years. I watched patients over the years be diagnosed with a lump, have a biopsy, check the sentinel node, have surgery and have seen this proccess from beginning to end. The bottom line ladies is that it is a money making scam for surgeons and radiologist. Are you ladies aware that 90% of biopsies are negative. Yes I hear the argument for the other 10% who actually have breast cancer. I just want to say wake up ladies and do your research. I truly believe that not only breast cancers but other types of cancers are enviromental. I have no scientific evidence to back up what I have to say except for the radiologist and oncologist whom I have worked with for over 20 years. They would not dare to come out against regular screenings for breast ca. They would be laughed at but in private
    when its just you and them they tell a different story. I have heard this story over and over again.
    Cancer cells are present in all of us something triggers them, and most of the physicians whom I have worked with over the years have taken up the banner and watch what they put in their bodies and exercise their bodies and their minds. I just wish that the medical community would come out of the closet instead of shutting the door to us all. Ultimately you are going to have to make your own decisions about your health care, but make it total health care for your whole body and life. Eat sensibly get rid of sugar and gluten from your diet, eat more vegetables and fruit and most importantly drink water lots of it. Keep your cells happy hydrate them, oh and find some type of exercise you like to do. Whether it be dancing,swimming, aerobics, biking , walking just do it. You are responsible for your own well being take charge of your life and health, doctors are not gods. Oh and reconstructed breast never look as good as what mother nature gave you.

    • @kayjeffries:disqus – wow, thank you for sharing. Very powerful, and empowering, information. I do hope that one day the professionals come “out” and tell the people what they see, and what they know.

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