Millions of people are being diagnosed with this disease. Will you be next?

When I first began studying natural healing in the 1990’s, a health practitioner said to the class, “Look at the person to the right of you, and look at the person on the left. Twenty years from now, one out of three people will be diagnosed with cancer. Out of you three, who is it going to be?”

As it turns out, the practitioner was right on target. Our cancer rates are growing at an astronomical rate.

Every time I hear the news of another death, the cause is usually cancer.

In the span of one week, David Bowie died from liver cancer, Alan Rickman died from pancreatic cancer and Celine Dion’s husband, and her brother, both died of complications with throat cancer.

I’m sure in your own life you know someone right now that has been diagnosed with cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society below are some statistics for 2016:

  • 1,658,210: The number of new cases expected to be diagnosed with cancer.
  • 595,690: The number of Americans expected to die of cancer.
  • 1,630: The number of people dying of cancer per day.

With statistics like that, cancer strikes fear into people. The mere thought sends people scurrying to the modern medical machinery that can promote the very same disease they are trying to avoid.[1]

From the western perspective, cancer needs to be eradicated by cutting it out, burning it with radiation or poisoning it with toxic chemotherapy.

That type of treatment inevitably cuts, burns and poisons the host as well.

From an alternative and energetic view, cancer is often viewed as stagnation. It could be physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual, but the energy within the body and/or around the body is not flowing properly.

One of the ways to work with preventing cancer is to support the body with diet and lifestyle improvements to get those energy pathways flowing. This is where alternative and natural medicine excels best; in the areas of prevention and healing.

Naturopaths, acupuncturists, health coaches, energy workers, reiki masters, yoga instructors, and herbalists all work with the body and mind to get the whole human being, and their energetic system, flowing more smoothly.

I’m not saying that if you take precautions with your health, diet and lifestyle you won’t get cancer. The truth is you probably have cancer cells in your system right now.

We all do.

But, when the body and its organs are nourished and flowing, there is less risk that those mutagenic cancer cells will accumulate to become problematic.

The interesting thing about cancer is that the normal cells have gone awry. All cells are born and all cells die: cancer cells refuse to die.

Cancer is not an easy subject, and it can bring up a LOT of anger. Which is understandable. But, on the emotional level of healing, suppressed anger can also damage our physical cells and stop them from functioning properly.

So… don’t suppress your anger. Get angry, and move that energy through your body in a healthy way.

Here are some possible ways to move anger though the body so it doesn’t get stuck:

  • Put your sneakers on, go for a run and pound your feet into the ground
  • Go for a long hike in the woods and connect with nature
  • Get a massage, or some type of energy work, and have someone else move your energy for you
  • Take a yoga class, stretch your body to the limits and breathe
  • Practice QiGong to increase vitality and facilitate your body’s own healing process
  • Punch a pillow!

Don’t wait for your statistical turn with cancer, or any other disease for that matter. Do everything possible that you can to prevent cancer from taking up permanent residence in your body.

Here are ten suggestions you can start using right now to help get your body flowing better:

  1. Eat good quality food: we all know what that means… fresh, organic, local, seasonal, unprocessed and non-GMO. This is the best way to nourish your bodily systems.
  2. Avoid Bisphenol A, phthalates and anything else that is hard to pronounce: if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.
  3. Avoid sugar: If you are craving sweets have a piece of fruit, not a piece of candy. Choose an apple over a candy bar. BTW… chocolate is candy. Even if it’s dark chocolate, and even if it’s 85% cocoa. Unless you are roasting and crushing the cacao yourself and NOT adding sugar, it’s candy.
  4. Exercise daily: not weekly, not monthly, DAILY! Move your body in some way every day to keep all of your internal systems running smoothly.
  5. Get sunshine: Unless you are a blind albino cave salamander, your body cannot function optimally without adequate sunlight.
  6. Put yourself in a healer’s hands: get some energy work (massage, lymphatic drainage, cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue, aromatherapy massage, chakra healing…). Your body will love you for it.
  7. Sweat it out: sweat lodges have been around for a long time because they work. Can’t find a traditional lodge? Get your butt into a sauna or a steam room to open all of your pores and sweat toxicity out of your body.
  8. Move angry energy: As I mentioned above, if you’ve got anger that’s good, now put it to good use and move it! if you’re angry at someone, let it go. Including, if you’re angry at me for writing a blog about the sensitive subject of cancer. A wise client once told me, “If I’m angry and hold onto resentment, the only person that it is going to hurt is me. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.
  9. Use Herbs: In your regular everyday diet use herbs that can inhibit the growth of cancer and contribute to apoptosis (death of mutated cancer cells) – garlic, green tea, milk thistle, licorice root, reishi and other medicinal mushrooms.
  10. Get to know your body: You are living inside your body, get to know it on a deeper level. If it’s aching, or you’re feeling something is out of balance, don’t wait to be diagnosed with cancer or some other disease, become proactive and preventative ASAP.

Take the above steps now to prevent the possibility that you’ll be the next statistic. And, if you’ve already been diagnosed, takes the steps above to help assist your body with the healing process.

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