Date Description
June 16
MODULE 1 – The Art of Visual Diagnosis
How to interpret physical cues and to diagnose and prevent future conditions without blood tests, x-rays or invasive procedures.
June 30
Coaching Call 1 @ 7pm EST
July 7
MODULE 2 – Organ and Meridian Diagnosis
How to decipher what symptoms tell you about physical imbalances, so you can build dietary and lifestyle plans that get to root causes.
July 14
BONUS MODULE- Herbs According to the 5 Phases (Elements)
Clinical Herbalist, Richard Mandlebaum, covers the Most Beneficial Herbs to Support Specific Organ Systems
July 21
Coaching Call 2 @ 1pm EST
July 28 MODULE 3 – Emotional & Spiritual Diagnosis and the Chakras
How to address emotional and spiritual imbalances and build a truly holistic wellness plan.
August 4
BONUS MODULE – The Meaning of Symptoms Within the Body
Learn from Shiatsu practitioner and meditation teacher, Diego Sanchez as he covers in great detail on healing the body using the 7 chakras, the 12 Meridians and the 5 Phases, and an in depth explanation of Ying & Yang.
August 11
Coaching Call 3 @ 4pm EST
August 18
MODULE 4 – The Self Evaluation
How to keep yourself and your clients inspired, motivated and focused on health goals.
August 25
Coaching Call 4 @ 7pm EST
September 1
MODULE 5 – Putting it All Together to Create a Successful Business
Learn how to go from an average health coach to a rock star health coach. Build your reputation as an expert, grow your practice and create a range of revenue streams that support your professional and financial goals.
September 8 Coaching Call 5 @ 7pm EST



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