Date Description
Sept 19th
MODULE 1: Andrea Beaman – Take Action! It’s Time to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
Sept 26th MODULE 2: Andrea hosts Talane Miedaner, founder of – Increase Your Energy and Become Irresistibly Attractive.
Oct 3rd Coaching Call 1 @ 7pm EST
Oct 10th
MODULE 3: Andrea BeamanHow To Overcome Setbacks, Maintain Momentum, Share Your Unique Voice and Create Products!
Oct 17th BONUS MODULE 1: Andrea hosts Suzanne Boothby, ghost writer and author – No Excuses! Start Writing Right Now.
Oct 24th Coaching Call 2 @ 4pm EST
Oct 31st
MODULE 4: Andrea hosts bestselling author and influential blogger Michael Hyatt – Want to Be Successful? Create Your Platform.
Nov 7th BONUS MODULE 2: Andrea hosts Lisa A. Snyder founder of Elle*Eye Design (web design firm) – You Need to Get Your Business Seen to Establish Web Success.
Nov 14th Coaching Call 3 @ 7pm EST
Nov 21st BONUS MODULE 3: Andrea hosts Matt Clark, founder of Tweet Pages – It’s Essential to Your Business to Have Social Media Branding.
Nov 28th MODULE 5: Andrea Beaman – To Create a Sustainable Business Model you need to Manage Time, Set Boundaries, and Commit to Self Care
Dec 5th Coaching Call 4 @ 4pm EST

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