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Master Coaching in Action

Create a Sustainable and Successful Business

It’s time to put your passion and knowledge of health coaching into ACTION and create a Sustainable and Successful Business!

Many wellness practitioners and health coaches have the desire to create a successful business, but lack the understanding on how to grow their practice and thrive.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

How can I take what I believe in and get out into the world to spread the message and find clients?

I’m procrastinating! What do I need to do to get my business started?

I’m fearful. How can I do this?

How do I expand my reach and get more people to follow my work?

Should I publish a book, create a DVD or any other product? And, if yes… how do I make it happen?

How can I keep myself healthy, happy, and not suffering from burnout while getting my business up and running?

Do I need to hire a team to grow my business? Or, can I do this on my own?

How can I get my work seen in a congested coaching market?

Andrea’s program has helped me to think bigger. It’s motivated me to stop talking and start doing. I’ve learned how to bring my practice out into the world to bless way more people than I could have ever imagined.”
Terri Ingraham, Holistic Health Coach, Austin, TX, SugarFreeGlow.com


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Almost two decades ago, I quit my corporate job to dedicate my life and career to teaching others and I’ve never looked back!

As a successful multi-media entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, I have created, and continue to sustain, a thriving and prosperous business.

Throughout the years, I have also been guiding students and people in the health and wellness industry on how to achieve their own success. One that can ensure they have a blossoming income as they grow and expand their reach.

It’s time to take action and get your amazing career started right now!

Getting practical advice on how to manage time, a website, and how to write a book are extremely helpful. I am very thankful that the program covers the technical and business-structuring aspects of running a health coaching practice I always walk away uplifted and exhilarated after listening to Andrea’s lessons. Her energy is so contagious ☺.”
Heike Tabatabai, Holistic Health Coach, HolisticHealthCoachSolutions.com
I need help building my business, ridding myself of fear. I chose to jump at the chance with Andrea’s program as she is successful, knowledgeable, vivacious and has a voice that’s heard, felt and gets the job done. I need that. I am done with allowing fear to hold me back and I feel a strange connection to her and that is to be my catalyst. Everything she’s teaching is what I am needing to learn. It couldn’t be more perfectly aligned if I fixed the stars myself!”
Julie Tartak, CHHC, AADP, West Linn, OR, healthylifewithjulie.com

Health coaching is a calling, but it’s also a profession.
Let me show you how to:

Raise awareness for your practice and effortlessly attract new clients

Move beyond any fears or perceived limitations to create the successful business you dream about

Build your personal brand

Use social media to expand your reach and drive traffic to your site

Build a range of revenue streams to fund your growth, such as books, DVDs, speaking engagements, classes and affiliate marketing

Avoid burnout through more effective time management

Build a support team that grows with your practice and is an asset to your brand

Get your work seen by the world in a bigger way



The unique curriculum in this Master Coaching in Action program combines highly interactive learning sessions with expert guests on a range of essential topics. The guest speakers are established entrepreneurs who have created targeted presentations for you on how to take action with your career using the tools and advice that have made them experts in their field:

Michael Hyatt bestselling author and influential blogger

Talane Miedaner, Internationally Recognized Lifecoach and founder of Lifecoach.com

Matt Clark founder of Tweet Pages

Suzanne Boothby wellness writer, ghost writer, author

Lisa A. Snyder founder of Elle*Eye Design (web design firm)



In this Master Coaching in Action program you will:


  • Learn directly from business experts and highly successful entrepreneurs what is needed to create your business

  • Move beyond any fears and step up to success

  • Learn how to get your work seen in the world in a bigger way

  • Understand how to set-up your homebase and monetize your website

  • Discover why unique branding is important to establishing your presence

  • Generate active and passive income

  • Use Social Media effectively and grow your base

  • Write and publish books to share your message with the world

  • Produce and market products that can generate revenue and share your voice

  • Have access to guaranteed success strategies from an International Coach

  • Manage your time effectively to create valuable content

  • Build a team to help you succeed…and much more!


MCIA changed my business perspective by examining my work activities/programs to find creative ways to leverage for potential passive income by creating products. It linked me to a fantastic, inspiring mentor- Andrea, it connected me to a supportive peer network; The Facebook Group. It also helped me take a step back and look at my business in a larger scope to find potential ways of fitting my professional pieces together that make sense. Each module was interesting and the information very important in its own way. To me, the most beneficial aspect overall was the motivation to ACTION. After completing MCIA, I’ve managed to narrow my focus to develop my unique program with expanded product options, solidify a general business plan incorporating much of the information from the modules, and build a business structure in alignment with my beliefs. Andrea’s energy level is infectious! I admire her desire to be a role model/mentor and bring quality information/resources to health coaches. ”
Kris Francefort, Norwalk, CT.
MCIA selects and guides us through the larger picture and the personal steps to get us to strengthen each of our businesses. In this program, I have learned to better block out my time and with greater focus so I actually get more done. I have also set boundaries for myself and business to allow more time to play. I do feel like the art of building my business has a stronger direction now with what I should be doing to strengthen myself and my enjoyment of the practice. The core values and the product guide homework sheets have been so helpful in clarifying my interests/niche and setting up a series of projects to work on this year and beyond.”
Melissa Vertosick, Health Coach, Delmont, PA, thewholelifeapproach.com
After taking “MCIA program, my attitude for marketing my work and myself has been completely shifted. I feel more open to the public. It feels like I just came out from a cave after many years. I am still feeling shy and vulnerable to the world but with your help, Andrea, I don’t want to go back to my cave and stay in comfort zone.”
Master Jey Park, Energy Healer,New York, NY

In addition to the expert presentations from guest speakers, the program offers specialized classes hosted by Andrea. Plus LIVE coaching calls so you can connect, ask questions, and incorporate expert advice on the best practices to help grow your business.

You also have the opportunity to share feedback with your peers on how you are utilizing the information you’ve learned and putting it into action.

Description of Modules in the Program


Andrea Beaman – Take Action! It's Time to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be


Andrea hosts Talane Miedaner, founder of Lifecoach.com – Increase Your Energy and Become Irresistibly Attractive.


Andrea Beaman – How To Overcome Setbacks, Maintain Momentum, Share Your Unique Voice and Create Products!


Andrea hosts bestselling author and influential blogger Michael Hyatt – Want to Be Successful? Create Your Platform.


Andrea Beaman – To Create a Sustainable Business Model you need to Manage Time, Set Boundaries, and Commit to Self Care

Plus – You Have Access to Awesome Bonus Modules


Andrea hosts Suzanne Boothby, ghost writer and author – No Excuses! Start Writing Right Now.


Andrea hosts Lisa A. Snyder founder of Elle*Eye Design (web design firm) – You Need to Get Your Business Seen to Establish Web Success.


Andrea hosts Matt Clark, founder of Tweet Pages – It's Essential to Your Business to Have Social Media Branding.

LIVE Group Coaching calls!

Ask questions, share your thoughts, and receive expert advice from me about creating your business.

These highly interactive sessions are an opportunity to ask questions, receive advice, and test new ideas. All the calls will be recorded so you can review them at your convenience and as often as you like.


Connect with other Learners in the Facebook Group!

We have a private Facebook Group dedicated to learners of the Master Coaching in Action program where they can connect with peers and business associates, ask questions and discuss how the classes are supporting their life and their business.


What happens after I purchase?

1. Email confirming your place as student in the program

2. A personal note from Andrea with recommendations before starting the program

3. Easy instructions on how to access the modules on your membership page

4. A schedule of when each module and coaching call will take place

5. An email the day of Module 1 opening with access to the Private Facebook Page and discount code on Andrea’s products



Who Should Sign Up for the Program?

The program is designed for health coaches and wellness practitioners in the healing arts (such as energy work, reiki, yoga, homeopathy and movement therapy) who are seeking in-depth knowledge and valuable advice on how to build a thriving and sustainable holistic health practice.

My schedule is busy! Will this program be too much to handle?

This program was designed for busy individuals! We supply you with mp4 modules and recorded mp3 files for you to listen to when you are on the go! The coaching calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend the live sessions. Lastly, our private Facebook Group allows you to connect with the other learners in an easy and convenient way!

How long will I have access to the modules?

You will ALWAYS have access to the modules. Learners can either log into the membership page to review modules or have the option to download the modules to their computer and then save them to any platform they choose- such as an iphone/ipad, ipod, ect.

How long will I have access to the Facebook group?

You will have access to the Facebook group, even after the program is completed! There is always an opportunity for continued learning.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we offer a 4-month installment plan at $297 a month. You have the option to choose the installment plan when you enroll. Please note, the installment plan is overall more expensive than if you pay in full, however it breaks up the cost overtime for learners who prefer this method.

Is the course live?

All coaching calls are live and we record every call in case you can’t make it to the scheduled calls. The modules are recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

Can we watch the modules all at one time, or are they released on a set schedule?

The modules are released on a set schedule. This helps you integrate the information into your life and into your practice. You can always refer back to modules that have already been released, but you cannot review modules before their release dates. We offer this method so learners are not overwhelmed with the valuable information all at once.

What is the format?

All modules are hosted online through our membership page that you are given access to once you sign up. The LIVE coaching calls are hosted through Gotowebinar. After each LIVE coaching call, we will post the recording to the membership page.

What if I’m busy at the time of the calls?

No worries! We will send you the recording the next day! Even better- you can send your questions in advance to Andrea and she will address them on the call if you can’t make it.

How much time will it take to do each module?

Learners have the option to put as much or as little time needed towards the program, however we recommend learners dedicate at least 1 and a half hours to review each module. For the coaching calls, learners should set aside a little over 1 hour. Also, we recommend spending approximately 1-2 hours a week doing the recommended homework, and interacting in the Facebook Group. The homework and the Facebook Group is not mandatory to participate in, but we highly encourage it.

What is the time duration of each module and coaching call?

Each module and coaching call will run a little over one hour. Based on the amount of questions that come in for the coaching calls, we may go a bit longer.

How do I know I’m getting a big bang for my buck?

The interactive modules with LIVE group coaching calls are valued at $12,600. I’m offering this program at $997! The Master Coaching in Action package is personally developed, led and advised by myself. The experts I have brought on to host some of the modules are seasoned pros in their field of expertise and have given me so much valuable knowledge as I’ve grown my business. I have successfully made my career out of health coaching and want to guide you through this process so you can be just as successful.

Do you offer a refund policy?

I am so confident you’ll love the Master Coaching in Action program, I guarantee it! If you participate for 30 days from the start of the program and are not satisfied, I will reimburse your full tuition.



We strongly stand behind the authenticity and value of this program and invite you to participate for 30 days from the start of the program. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise within that time, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. We are confident you will crave more valuable content and will continue with the program, but if by chance you don’t – we have created a no-hassle refund policy.

See how easy the steps are:

  1. Email members@andreabeaman.com your completed Action Guides from Modules 1-3 and your participation feedback on the Coaching Call
  2. We will respond confirming your withdrawal
  3. You will be refunded the amount you paid within 1-2 business days




The content you will receive in the Master Coaching in Action Series is priceless!

This entire program is valued at $12,600 and is available to you for just $997


This is the best bang for your buck to help you take the necessary actions to create a successful business, and share your passion for this work with the world. Don’t delay, invest in your career today or you’ll miss the opportunity to advance your business at this incredible price.

Andrea McCarthy I AM writing a book! I would like to credit the wonderful, Andrea Beaman for her encouragement in getting my book out there. She is the best business coach I could have ever asked for! All I keep thinking in my mind is Andrea saying “go out and take action!” I can almost feel the pieces of the puzzle coming together with my business now. I am starting to look outside the box more and not feel compelled to just follow the program. I love all the positive energy Andrea brings and the others involved that she has brought to us.”
Andrea McCarthy, Antioch, IL, AndreaMcCarthyHealth.com


Sign up today!




This program can set you up for success and pay for itself with an increase in clients, products and income for many years to come.

To see results in your business, you need to have the proper tools and strategic methods in place.

Let me guide you toward implementing the tools needed to advance your career and create a successful and sustainable business model.

The program is designed to educate you at your convenience, which is why we are offering group coaching calls to ensure you gain a full understanding of the program.

This program is valued at $12,600. I’m offering Master Coaching in Action at $997!



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