Mainstream media is finally speaking truth about Covid risk

It only took 2 years and hundreds of thousands of lives, but mainstream media is sharing a truth about reducing the risk of death by C0vid.

And, it has NOTHING to do with taking a medical injection, and a booster or two, or three.

According to an article on CNN, obesity is a risk factor for increased complications and death by C0vid, and losing weight reduces that risk:

“People who are overweight or obese are at a much higher risk of much more severe disease and even death from C0vid-19, and one new study suggests that losing weight can reduce that risk.”[1]

Why on earth did it take two years for the media to share this important preventative solution for reducing risk of death by C0vid?

The media is either intentionally not aggressively reporting about this, or they are incapable of getting the public this type of information in a timely manner.

I prefer to think the latter, that the mainstream news outlets are simply retarded.

For those of you that take offense at my use of the “R” word, I use it in the literal sense. Here is the definition:

Retarded: “Characterized by a slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, and academic progress.”

When it comes to the truth about health, the people in the media move at a much slower pace than natural practitioners, and they also have limited awareness and understanding of disease prevention.

Health coaches and wellness practitioners on the other hand, are in the business of moving people in the direction to improve their health in the timeliest manner.

The health and happiness of humans is our business, and that’s where we excel.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all the way back in April and March of 2020, I had written articles about the co-morbidity factors related to risk of death by C0vid.

Here are the top 3 comorbidity factors for increased risk of death by C0vid:

  • Hypertension is the #1 co-morbidity factor, and can be prevented by eating a healthy diet, exercising, staying at a healthy weight, limiting alcohol, smoking cessation, and reducing stress.
  • Obesity is the #2 co-morbidity factor. As fate would have it, the same diet and lifestyle improvements that prevent hypertension, maintain a healthy weight and reduce/eliminate obesity.
  • Diabetes type II is the #3 co-morbidity factor and according to the Mayo Clinic, is preventable as well, “Diabetes prevention is as basic as eating more healthfully, becoming more physically active and losing a few extra pounds.

For the sake of the CNN article, let’s focus solely on the obesity factor that they recently reported on.

“People with obesity are 46% more at risk of getting C0vid-19, according to a study from August. It found that they are also more at risk of getting really sick, facing a 113% higher chance of being hospitalized, a 74% higher risk of needing to be treated in the ICU and — perhaps most troubling of all — a 48% increased risk of death.”[2]

With those numbers, you would think that getting obesity under control would be a TOP priority for the media and the government, and your employer, IF they actually gave a crap about your health.

But, they don’t.

If they did, the fast-food joints, soda manufacturers, candy companies, and donut houses, would have been closed for the past 2 years instead of the local gyms.

And, employers would have given employees incentives to lose weight and eat healthy, instead of firing workers and/or fining employees a $200 monthly surcharge for not being v@ccinated as Delta Airlines did.

The surcharge is meant to motivate people to get the C0vid vaccine and address the financial risk that comes with choosing not to get vaccinated, Delta CEO Ed Bastian wrote in the employee memo announcing the move. The airline calculated that the average medical cost associated with a hospital stay for C0vid-19 cost the company $50,000 per person.”[3]

What if Delta Airlines and other employers, would have incentivized their employees with a two-week vacation at a weight management camp, instead of fining or firing the un-v@ccinated employees for NOT subjecting themselves to a medical injection that does NOT, in fact, reduce ANY of the co-morbidity factors?

From another perspective, could you imagine what would have happened if obese people with risky BMI’s were rounded up and sent to quarantine camps instead of let’s say… the asymptomatic unvaccinated healthy people who live in Australia?

If obese people would have been rounded up and sent to camps:

  • There would have been an uproar around the world.
  • Australia’s government would have been canceled.
  • People would have cried about how unethical it was.
  • Human rights would have been grossly violated.

Now, I’m not saying we should send obese people to camps. But, I’m not opposed to sending them to camps either.

On ONE condition… they have to want to go to those camps willingly. No-one should be forced or coerced to do anything against their will.

Now, before you jump all over me for being insensitive to gravitationally challenged people, I went to a camp myself. It was called a “fat camp.”

Yep! That’s what they called it before the PC police arrested that word. The camp was located in Pennsylvania, and I willingly attended when I was a teenager. During my teenage years, I was a chronic dieter and was 10-15 pounds overweight.

My time at fat camp was a GREAT experience:

  • We were taught how to eat normal sized portions.
  • We were shown what healthy snacks look like.
  • We engaged in daily exercise and movement classes.
  • We connected with a community of like-minded folks that wanted/needed to lose weight

I came back from camp feeling lighter, happier and healthier.

Getting folks on board to shed excess weight is a good thing for their health, and for our overburdened medical system.

I believe obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight is a much better narrative to promote to the masses.

The government, your employer, and the powers that be, can spin the viral story any way they want. The truth is, the medical injection and the boosters being pushed on the population will NEVER EVER improve someone’s diet and lifestyle. And, will NEVER EVER reduce ANY of the deadly co-morbidity factors.

As we move forward in this interesting time to be alive in human history, for the sake of your health, it would be wise to shut the media and government officials OUT of your life, and let the health coaches and wellness practitioners in.