Local, seasonal food in a park near you

Mulberries are an amazing fruit that was traditionally used for tinnitus, dryness, diabetes, insomnia, and dizziness.

Energetically, they nourish the kidneys and liver and moisten the lungs.

Even my pup knows good medicine when she finds it. I can’t keep her away from the mulberry trees.

Not only are mulberries delicious, but they are also an excellent remedy for what is called Yin deficiency (dryness and/or burnout).

But the best thing about mulberries … they are FREE!!!

You can usually find them growing in a local park near you.

Mulberries are only in season a few weeks out of the year (late spring/early summer)… so start picking when they are available!

And, if you cannot find them fresh, no worries! Most health food stores carry dried mulberries. Look for them in the fruit and nuts section.