LIVE Webinar and Q&A with Andrea Beaman

Interested in the New Healers Master Coaching program and have questions about how learning assessment skills for prevention and healing can support your health as well as enhance your coaching business?

Attend this LIVE Q&A Tuesday, January 28th at 4PM EST Register Here!

Participants will learn:

  • Knowledge on how to become a more credible health coach/wellness practitioner
  • In depth information on how to assess conditions and patterns to prevent illness
  • How to tweak a client’s diet and lifestyle to empower their healing process
  • Why it’s imperative to learn this information and position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Valuable steps to advance your career

To address everyone’s questions we have limited availability for this webinar. Sign up RIGHT NOW and clear your schedule to save your seat.

This is your final opportunity to learn more about the New Healers Master Coaching program and how it can enhance your practice.

We’ll speak with you soon!

Tuesday, January 28th at 4PM EST– Register Here!