It’s Squash Season Baby!

  • TM KCO

    It never occurred to me to eat the skin too. I also never cooked my squash with tin foil over. While it normally comes out very tender (flesh down) I realize now the foil would help the skin be tender too. Awesome tip, I love squash!! Thank you Andrea!! (oh, and what WAS that?? We can’t see it – but your infectious laugh – you were like a little girl ashamed of.. I don’t know what!! LOL!)

    • Andrea

      Yes, you can eat the skin on most winter squash (acorn, kabocha, buttercup, butternut, delicata). The squash with the toughest skin that I do not recommend eating are spaghetti and carnival – just scoop out the yummy inside flesh and toss the skins into the compost or garbage. Oh and ahh yes… the infectious little laugh – glad it makes you giggle – once I get started it’s hard to stop!

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  • Ok, so first of all you need to not drink before taping! lol. Love you videos and I am stealing them for Ten Studio Hill. Will share on my FB. Your humor is healing….love to you!

    • Andrea

      I was drunk on Squash juice! Yes, please post the videos anywhere and everywhere. People need a good healthy giggle. Love you!

  • Love your energy! This post comes at just the right time because I was at the Farmer’s Market last weekend and picked up a spaghetti squash. I felt comfortable with that type of squash because I already knew how to cook it, but it looks like the same methods can be applied to the types you used, too. Great tips!

  • Love this video, the info AND you! ox

  • cawoodie

    Great energy, love your happiness and your down-to -earth excitement : )