It's Party Time!

FAVORITE_01How many times have you attended a party and midway through the festivities noticed your belly felt uncomfortably swollen?

You filled up on chips, pretzels, and bowls of candy and other junk food because there may have been nothing else to nosh on. Ugh!

Notoriously, party foods tend to be highly refined junk foods loaded with salt, sugar and other belly-ache making crap.

When throwing your next party, keep this in mind and wow your guests with something delicious that won’t leave them feeling like they need to go on a three day food-fast to feel better.

Or, if you are attending, bring either of the two dishes below as a gift for your lovely hosts.

They’ll appreciate you for it, and you will get to eat something yummy that won’t leave you feeling crummy!

These are two of my favorite tasty treats to snack on.

What is your favorite party snack?

White Bean Bruschetta on Whole Grain Baguette


Easy Hummus