It is crucial to look deeper to prevent and heal disease

We, humans, are multifaceted organisms.

Healing from disease can be challenging at times because we have so many layers to peel, observe, and work on.

Working closely with clients over the past two decades, it’s clear that there is more to someone’s healing process than simply altering their diet or recommending a specific herb or new lifestyle activities.

Don’t get me wrong, while working on diet and lifestyle is a GREAT place to start, it usually doesn’t end there.

There is a deeper system that lies within every human being that triggers waves of hormones to be released throughout the body.

That system is our emotional body – or ancient healers often referred to it as the spiritual body: the part of us that is learning, and potentially growing wiser, while digesting our human experiences.

For example, someone may be eating the healthiest diet in the world, but if their emotional body is out of balance or under high stress that sends a message to the digestive system to turn off. This results in a digestive system that won’t process or absorb nutrients efficiently and affects all other bodily processes.

The body is filled with wisdom.

If there is emotional/spiritual stress, it’s not the time to eat food – it’s the time to contemplate, and/or fast, and ask questions:

  • Was this a beneficial experience for me and/or any other people involved?
  • Could I have done something differently to get a better outcome?
  • What can I do to make a better choice or decision next time?
  • Am I seeing myself and my experience in the world clearly?

Unfortunately, many people bypass the emotional stress response (overactive mind, unsettled heart, uncomfortable feeling in the gut) and eat food regardless, or nervously overeat while trying to suppress that emotion and NOT feel what they need to feel for their long-term growth and happiness.

This type of behavior can lead to a host of digestive issues like acid reflux, and IBS, or type II diabetes, adrenal fatigue, obesity, heart disease, and other debilitating physical conditions.

For deeper healing of any physical condition, we simply cannot neglect the emotional/spiritual experience that is possibly (probably) connected to that condition.

If we do, we are doing ourselves a disservice, as inevitably another dis-ease will pop up to the surface (the physical body) to grab our attention.

As I said, there are many layers to healing the body.

It isn’t easy looking at our “self” and our experience from a deeper perspective, but it’s imperative for our health, growth, and overall happiness.

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