Integrative Nutrition All-Star Andrea Beaman Honored with the Health Leadership Award


The success of Integrative Nutrition and the ripple effect we’re making in the world is due to our graduates: who they have become, what they have accomplished, and the number of lives they have changed. This week I am thrilled to honor some of our “all-star” graduates who have made a huge impact in the world of health and wellness with the Health Leadership Award. From publishing books to opening their own businesses, this group of incredible people has shown enormous dedication to their careers and to improving the lives of others.

andreaAndrea Beaman

Natural foods chef, author and television host

So many accomplishments! I self-published three books that inspire people to eat quality food and take better care of themselves; I created DVDs that guide people toward healing their endocrine disorders (Thyroid and Adrenal); I hosted two shows on a health and wellness network (Wise UP! & Fed UP!); I teach classes all over the country to thousands of people at schools and conferences; I created a new program that teaches coaches how to use Ancient Healing Knowledge to help their clients heal. Whew! I guess my biggest accomplishment is that I’m still passionate about my work, still going strong, and still sharing healing knowledge with as many people as I can before my time on this planet is finished.


Posted on January 6, 2013 by Joshua Rosenthal