Immune Boosting Mushroom Coffee

Immune Boosting Mushroom Coffee

Once upon a time, I used to drink three to four cups of coffee per day to get me moving.

That’s a scary-tale for sure, and quite a LOT of caffeine!

I needed those strong stimulating surges to help me make it through the day because my energy was lagging.

Unfortunately, drinking coffee set me up on an endless cycle that was feeding my fatigue. Coffee is draining, not nutritive. There’s a BIG difference between the two.

If you are seeking a morning beverage that can support the body on a deep nutritive level and increase energy over time, try mushroom coffee. It’s not really coffee, it’s more of a decoction; a medicinal preparation made from boiling a plant, or in this case, a funghi.

Below is an easy recipe for Mushroom Coffee. Just like coffee, this brew may taste a little bitter but you can doctor it up for your taste buds by adding a teaspoon of honey or other sweetener.

Bring all ingredients to a boil. Lower heat to simmer. Cover and simmer 3 hours. Strain the liquid. Drink 1-2 cups daily for immune support.  You can keep the mushroom drink in the refrigerator for 5-6 days. Reheat in small batches (1-2 cups daily).

Learn more about the benefits of Mushroom Coffee here.




  • Zina

    How do you dehydrate the mushrooms?

    • @Zina – I personally don’t dehydrate them. I purchase the mushrooms already dried.

  • Jess

    If you have Hashimotos and are Th1 dominant, mushrooms are a big no no.

    • @Jess – thanks for your input. Reishi is an immunomodulator and has had great success with auto-immune conditions, including Hashimoto’s.

  • Sheila

    Where do you get your Maitake Mushroom?

    • @Sheila – you can purchase dried maitake mushrooms at any health food store. Or you can buy it online.

  • Hi Andrea!
    Please tell me something:if here in my country I can find only mushroomspowder instead of dried, it is ok to use them to this kind of coffee?
    Thanks a lot Andrea and You are an inspiration to me!

    • @disqus_tpUfRznE7b:disqus – Yes, you can use mushroom powder instead of dried mushroom. I don’t know what the conversion would be. You’d have to figure that out.

  • Tarin M

    what do you do with the mushrooms after? Do you add a sweetener to the tea?

    • @tarinm:disqus – you could add some sweetener. Honey usually works really well. And, you could save the mushrooms and make a 2nd batch (using the same mushrooms), and then discard them.