If You Think There is NO Cure for the Common Cold, You Haven't Tried This...

The common cold is a sneaky little booger!

When you’re not paying attention to your health, or you are run down from overwork, poor nutrition, stress or lack of sleep, viruses can find their way into your respiratory system and make themselves at home.

Some of those common viruses include rhinovirus (not to be confused with rhinoceros – although, when your head gets congested, it may feel as if you have a Rhino stomping around in it), adenovirus, coronavirus, and others that love the warm moist environment the respiratory system provides

Just like any virus, as soon as it gets into your system, it’s going to start replicating itself.

If your immune system is strong, it immediately kicks these unwanted guests out of your body with one or two sneezes.

But, if your immune system has been compromised, you may be battling those little boogers for longer than you’d like.

Once it gets in, a cold virus can have a lifespan of 7-10 days.

During the first 3 days, you may be contagious to other people. If their immune system is strong, they won’t catch it. But, if their immunity is down, they will be sneezing all week long about the nasty cold you gave them!

The truth is, you didn’t give them a cold. They caught a virus that causes the body to react with a specific set of symptoms. Those symptoms can include sneezing, runny nose, itchy irritated eyes, coughing and congestion. That’s the body’s innate response to fighting the virus and getting rid of the waste.

People say there is no cure for the common cold because they try to stop the body’s symptoms instead of assisting the immune system by fighting the virus!

A traditional remedy that strengthens immunity and can help you start kicking some virus butt, is something your great grandma would’ve used: bone stock!

Over 70% of our immunity lives in the digestive system. Bone stock supports digestive health with easily absorbable minerals, amino acids and collagen.

Sipping stock with herbs throughout the day at the onset of a cold is one of the best ways to get the nutrients that strengthen immunity without burdening your digestive system with a full meal.

At the first sign of a sneeze or sniffle, heat up a cup of bone stock and add in any of the following herbs and spices:

Rosemary – warming diaphoretic herb that increases circulation

Thyme – expectorant and astringent qualities helps clear congestion

Sage – the antiseptic qualities work well if you have a cough or sore throat

Garlic – antiviral, antimicrobial and is essential for knocking out a cold virus at the onset

Parsley – good source of concentrated antioxidants and vitamins A & C

Cayenne Pepper – diaphoretic and expectorant that helps you sweat it out

Turmeric – antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and liver supportive

Black Pepper – stimulating and warming effect on digestive and circulatory system

Sea Salt –  for both flavor and to enhance digestibility

Below is the full remedy to help knock out a cold virus before it can take up residence in your respiratory system:

  1. Call in sick to work – it’s time to rest
  2. Prepare stock with herbs and spices, relax and drink
  3. Get into bed, snuggle under the covers, and sweat and sleep
  4. Wake up, make more stock with herbs and spices, relax and drink
  5. Get back into bed and rest some more

Within 24 hours you should be feeling stronger. Your great grandmother knew best; give your body what it needs and get some much needed rest.

And, if a cold virus (or flu) does make it in, there are many natural remedies that can help relieve symptoms while assisting your body at the same time. Read more home-remedies here: What!? I Can’t Believe You Are Sick!

Until then, bundle up, sip on some stock, and enjoy the season!