If you think I'm crazy, a death merchant, or charlatan, feel free to say it.

In the past twenty years, I’ve been attacked numerous times for my stance on natural healing. Especially, when it comes to speaking out about the role of BIG Pharma and their oppression of any type of natural medicine.

The last two years, and the virus crisis, have been particularly ripe with angry folks attacking my character and my work in the world.

It seems that anyone who dares to speak out about the human body’s natural ability to navigate this world healthfully and happily, free from a lifetime of drugs and unwarranted medical intervention, is a death merchant, a charlatan, and a snake oil salesman.

Here are some examples.

The comments below were posted on my Instagram feed when I shared about the 70-year-old NYPD crossing guard, Millie, that works in my neighborhood. She cried when she told me she was being forced to take the jab against her will or lose her job:

When I looked up “charlatan” in Webster’s dictionary, this is the first reference I found:

“charlatans harming their patients with dubious procedures.”[1]

If “dubious procedures” include encouraging people to get into the kitchen to use ancient healing cooking knowledge that has been supporting the human race for thousands of years, then charlatan, I am!

Prior to the invasion of big pharma, kitchens used to be the place where people created healing remedies and natural medicine.

My job as an educator is to teach and inspire people to prepare homemade delicious medicine so they can feel empowered about their health, rather than become victims of the latest disease.

This interesting comment below was posted on my Facebook feed.

Holy crap, I think she’s right!

There will be blood on my hands…. especially if someone gets into the kitchen and uses a dull knife. They would be much more likely to cut themselves.

That’s why I highly recommend everyone use a SHARP knife when chopping ingredients. You can find more insight about why it’s imperative to use a sharp knife here: Now That’s a Knife!

Let’s continue with some other interesting thoughts from Facebook.

I think these folks are grossly misinformed about the status of my mental health.

I’ve been called “crazy” for much longer than just the past couple of years.

When I initially got into the business of health and wellness after naturally healing my thyroid disease, I STOPPED putting my money into the modern health care system.

People thought I had lost my mind when I refused to buy health insurance. But, the truth is, I didn’t lose my mind, I found it. I wasn’t going to waste my hard-earned money (or my health) on a system that was, and still is, broken.

You can learn more about that here: Health Care? I don’t buy it!

And, finally, there’s this informative thought from someone that posts consistently on my Instagram feeds….


I did NOT know that I was surrounded by the people she mentioned above.

In my naivete, I thought we were simply 2000+ New Yorkers of every race, color, and creed, who were collectively standing up and speaking out for our freedom.

You can watch the footage for yourself embedded in this article below.

Protesting for Freedom is Good for Health – And, remember the Homeland Security motto, “if you see something, say something.”

Thankfully, I’m not offended nor shaken by the angry folks’ posting on my social feeds.

I’ve learned long ago, that to stand in my truth about health and wellness without being offended by what others think of me and my work is a powerful place to be.

Truthfully, I get a good giggle from most of the attacks because they seem so silly. My husband tells me to “delete” them or “block” them from my social feeds.

But, I won’t.

I believe everyone has the right to speak their truth – even if I don’t agree with it.

What I won’t do is engage with them.

All we have in life is time. And, I won’t waste my time/life engaging in nonsense.

Life is too short and there’s a lot of important work that I still have to do…. like kill more people with my snake-oil health services, and congregate with racists, murderers, and Nazis on the streets.

But beyond that, I think there may come a time when the folks that are angry realize that we are all on the same team. We are one species, the human race, and need to come together to ensure our survival from the much bigger threat that is upon us.

Until then, I will continue to speak my mind and share my truth, and I encourage you to do the same.

Here’s a great quote from Abigail Shrier, a woman who has been attacked for her views, too.

“Take back the right to speak your mind—thoughtfully, courteously, with a goal in mind beyond giving offense. The list of unmentionable truths expands so rapidly, without reason other than the attempt to suffocate a free people so that they forget the exhilaration of a lungful of air.” Abigail Shrier

[1] https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/charlatan