If you don’t like a recipe, simply swap out ingredients

When I’m creating healing menu plans for clients, I’ll offer a variety of recipes.

Sometimes they will tell me:

  • I don’t like fish
  • I can’t eat carrots
  • Cauliflower is disgusting
  • Potatoes are too high in oxalates
  • Garlic repeats on me

One thing that helps greatly, is to understand that recipes are only guidelines. You can swap out almost any ingredient in a recipe to support your needs.

Below is a good example:

If you have an aversion to a specific protein, simply swap out it out for another protein.

This above Salmon Stew with Enoki Mushrooms is one of my favorite dishes to promote a healthy weight and good digestion. But, not everyone likes the flavor of salmon.

To make this recipe work, you would simply swap out the salmon for another type of fish: shrimp, cod, scrod, scallops, sea bass, etc.

And, if you don’t like fish, you can swap the fish stock for chicken stock, and swap the fish for chicken.

You could do the same thing with beef stock and beef.

If you wanted to make this vegetarian, swap out the animal stock for mushroom or veggie stock, and use tofu as the protein.

The mushroom I used in the dish above is golden enoki, but you could swap that out for shiitake, button, maitake, or any other mushroom as well.

Here’s another example:

There’s are a LOT of veggies to choose from.

If there is a specific vegetable you don’t like, or cannot tolerate, swap it out!

In this Sauteed Winter Veggies dish, if you don’t enjoy carrots, swap it out for another root vegetable like daikon radish or fennel (both are delicious!).

If you don’t like leeks – as they can be a bit of work because you’ve got to wash them well otherwise, they can be gritty – swap it out for red or white onion.

Not all veggies work for all people. Choose the ones that work best for you.

I try to get my clients to experiment with foods that may be outside of their comfort zone. When we eat a more diverse diet, it creates a healthier and happier microbiome.

Eventually, that creates a healthier and happier human being.

Experiment with a wide variety of recipes, and if there is some ingredient in the recipe that doesn’t work for you, always remember that ingredients are not set in stone. Be flexible.

The ultimate goal is to simply get some healing food into your system and make it taste as delicious as possible!