I received angry emails BUT positive feedback too

Over the past two years, I’ve received angry feedback from folks speaking their mind about my mask and injection stance.

AND, I’ve also been getting many messages from folks that are totally supportive as well.

So this year, to start us off in a healthier and happier direction, I’m sharing some of the positive vibes I received after sending out my most recent newsletter.

“Andrea, I love you; you are hilarious and so down to earth. Yes I have to agree with you about all the bull S#!T going on out there! I’ve forwarded your newsletters to several friends. YOU ROCK! 

P.S. And oh ‘boo hoo’ YouTube will remove you. I know how anxious and sad that makes you! hahaaa  – love Evy”

Evy was referring to my new Podcast: Andrea Beaman Speaks Out. They are a lot of fun for me, and apparently, for you too. So… I’ll keep sharing my thoughts.

“I have been following you for a very long time and enjoy your recipes, books and articles. Staying away from Doctors who are sick themselves and only know what the drug companies tell them has served me well the last 17 years. I was a nurse for 32 years and learned that the mainstream medical community is not somewhere to get well. Some people call me crazy also. But, while I am out living a full life, playing PB 5 times a week and keeping active at 71, acquaintances and friends around me are dying from cancer, covid jabs and diabetes. It is difficult and sad to watch. Thanks for all that you do for those of us who have a growth mindset.” Janice

With age comes wisdom. Janice is a wise elder, and I feel blessed to have people like her inhabiting the world at this precarious time in human history. We need more wise souls to stand up and speak out.

“Omg!!!! Well that makes me feel better about my family thinking I’m nuts. If people are doing that to you, too. I thought I just wasn’t explaining it clearly. I just don’t get how it’s not so obvious!  Love you! – Theresa

I get many emails from people like Theresa whose family and friends have abandoned them, or have cast them aside as “crazy” or “nuts.” With all of the new data coming out about the shots and ineffective boosters, maybe those same family and friends will swing back around with open hearts.

People I have had loving relationships with for decades, have distanced themselves from me (and I’m sure you have experienced this, too). Hold the space that someday they will come back. We must remember to keep our hearts open and free. This is one of the best ways to win the spiritual war that’s going on.

“I just wrote a comment on your website supporting you, your recipes, your stand on the vax issue, etc. I’m behind you. It’s going to end and you will be a hero. Just hang in their and shield yourself from all this hysteria and misinformation.” – Amber 

“Love you Andrea, you rock!! Keep on keeping on, someday truth will prevail…  sad for those who don’t see how they are being duped!! Be Happy, Be Well!” Heidi 

“I admire you! Keep sharing your truth, wisdom, and humor! Thank you!” – Tara

I’m hanging in there, and I hope that you are, too. I’ll keep sharing truth and wisdom about health and wellness, with a splash of good humor.

After all… laughter is the best medicine!