I Hate Brussels Sprouts!

“I HATE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!” Yelled my 12-year old nephew, Danny. When I asked if he had ever actually eaten a Brussels Sprout he said, “No. Because they are green, they are vegetables, and they are gross!”

This is a common culinary error many of us make. We let our perception of a specific food inhibit our tastebuds from actually experiencing it. As a good Aunt, I encouraged him to be courageous, like a Superhero, and just try one little Roasted Brussels Sprout.

With much hesitation, and hemming and hawing, he grudgingly gave in and said, “Fine! I’ll try one. But, after that I am done!” He quickly popped a Roasted Brussels Sprout into his mouth and then cocked his head to the side. While he was chewing it, he kept squinting at me, suspiciously. After he finished he said, “I need to try one more to be sure.” He popped the second roasted green vegetable into his mouth, cocked his head to the other side and declared, “Aunt Fanny… Brussels Sprouts are totally awesome! I can’t believe I haven’t eaten these before.”

Can you think of a food you have yet to experience due to a preconceived notion about it?

Try this delicious recipe below and give yourself (and your loved ones) a culinary adventure to remember.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberry Reduction