I Don't Believe in Cancer. Do you?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe cancer exists.

What I don’t believe in is the modern diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Cancer (and other disease) doesn’t happen overnight.

I’ve had clients come for health coaching and say, “One morning I woke up and there it was… breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer…”

The truth is cancer didn’t stumble upon them one fateful day. It may have been growing for many years.

John Hopkins University Hospital informs us that every person has cancer cells in their body. The mutagenic cells do not show up in lab tests until they have multiplied.

If the immune system is strong cancer cells are naturally kept in check. The body is beautifully self-protective that way. I will go one step further and say that the body, using its infinite wisdom, herds cancerous cells into a safely contained area (a tumor) so it doesn’t affect the functioning of the rest of the body.

Modern medical treatment detects a tumor, attacks the body, and cuts out not only diseased cells, but oftentimes, lymph nodes as well. That, to me, is just plain crazy!

The lymphatic system is the body’s protector. It transports immune cells that safeguard the body against viruses, bacteria and other adversaries. Removing lymph nodes insures the disease has a greater chance of survival.

To add insult to injury, the body is then pumped with poisonous chemotherapy and radiated. When the body is overloaded with the toxic burden of these two hazardous therapies the immune system is compromised or destroyed, further weakening the body.

For those that have survived these traumatic treatments and lived to tell the tale, congratulations. Your body is strong! Many others have not been as fortunate.

Cancer cells are mutagenic cells that refuse to die. We need to figure out why these cells are refusing to die. And, there could be many reasons.

  • Eating food that contains chemical preservatives. Preservatives stop the “breakdown” process of food. If we eat food that doesn’t “die,” energetically, that has an effect on our cells.
  • What is weakening our immunity and our ability to breakdown and release cancer cells through our natural detoxification processes?
  • Is there pesticides or other toxic substances in the food we are eating that is disrupting the endocrine system?
  • Why is there stagnation in a particular part of the body where the cancer is thriving? Is it a physical, emotional or spiritual blockage?
  • Does an idea or thought live inside you that refuses to die? Anger, victimization, prolonged sadness, hopelessness…?


I’m not snarky enough to think disease won’t manifest in my body, it does and it has. And, when it does, I work with my body not against it; I give my body the tools and support it needs to stop or reverse the disease’s progression. Naturally healing my thyroid was proof enough for me, but a new and potentially bigger disease showed up as well.

In 2009 I experienced a major symptom – a dull ache that emanated from my breast and radiated down my left arm. I didn’t know what it was, but after two months of discomfort, I discovered a hard lump the size of my pinky-tip. My mother found her breast cancer the exact same way, and at the same age – she was 43 at the time of her breast cancer (that story here).

My boyfriend (now husband), Pablo, urged me to get the lump checked by a doctor. Knowing my mother died from breast cancer he was worried.

He said, “Babe, I know you’re all crunchy granola and stuff, but this is a lump. A real lump in your breast! You have got to get that checked out.”

I said, “I understand your fear, and I’m scared, too. But, I don’t believe in the modern medical treatment of cancer. Even if my lump is cancerous, I wouldn’t subject my body to radiation or chemotherapy. So why would I bother with the testing?”

Immediately, I re-adjusted my diet and lifestyle. Even though I was only using honey and maple syrup as sweeteners, they are still sugar and, in excess, can impair immunity. So, I tidied up my already clean diet, and incorporated a new daily healing meditation and visualization into my routine.

Every day in my morning meditation I visualized the lump. I imagined that it looked like a hard silver pinball. I saw it circling around and around my body, like a gumball being released from an old-fashioned gumball machine. When it got to the bottom of my body it popped out of my pooper and I imagined flushing it down the toilet. I did this every day for five weeks.

The first week, I thought I noticed a decrease in size. I had my trusty companion, Pablo, check it out.

He said, “I think it’s the same size. But, I’m not a doctor. I don’t think you should mess around with this thing. What if it grows?”

“Yes, it could grow. That’s a possibility. Patience, honey. Patience and persistence are the keys to healing.”

At the end of the second week Pablo checked it again. This time he said, “Yeah, maybe it’s getting smaller, but I can’t really tell.”

The third week, Pablo looked at me wide-eyed and said, “Wow! It is definitely getting smaller.” He grinned slyly, “And, I’d be happy to continue checking this for you. Anytime you need me to squeeze your boobs, I’m on it!”

By the fifth week my lump was the size of a pinhead. I visualized it popping out from the side of my breast. But, instead of circling around my body and exiting out my pooper and into the toilet, it simply popped straight out of my breast and dissolved into dust particles in the air. After my meditation I knew that lump, whatever it was, was completely gone.

I believe disease can give us amazing insight about ourself and our journey on this planet.

What do you believe?

If you are a health coach or wellness practitioner that wants more clarity about identifying and healing diseases naturally, sign up to receive information about my New Healers Master Coaching Program.

It’ll be an eye-opening experience for sure!


  • Deborah Miles

    Andrea, I believe the same. I have talked to you before about having Candida and I unfortunately have to stay on the diet, even though they say after 6 wks you can incorporate stuff back in. Well, it doesn’t work for me, no sugar, not natural even. I was never a sugar person anyway. I ate an orange last night and probably shouldn’t have and after a couple of regular movements this morning, out comes the explosion and I swear I say pulp. Gross Granny Smith is about all I can have
    with an occasional banana. I also do full body Reiki on myself, well I am supposed to and did it this morning. But, my worry is the psoriasis on my scalp. It started slowly in 2004 and the part I don’t like is they say its from an over active immune system. Well, how dangerous is that? I have no clue. I just make sure I use no chemicals on my hair ever. Deva Curl right there in New York for my curly hair. Anyway, I have your books and need to pull them back out. My mother died of oat cell cancer from smoking and my brother died from cancer also. So, I try to eat clean. Thanks,
    You are the greatest and I am sure you will never see that lump again. Deborah Miles

    • Andrea Beaman

      For candida you HAVE to eat seasonally, eat more meat and saturated fat, and eat bacteria-rich and cultured foods (kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt). Fruit is sugar; I would not eat it until your condition improves. And, reduce or eliminate grains from your diet too. Candida is a tough one, but you can do it.

      • korin

        I agree with everything, wish I realized sooner, the docs rush u into treatment and scare the crap out of u, then ur stuck….I think its so crazy the doc tells u where the cancer will spread then has u get catscans every 3 months in that spot , to watch it….lol I cant believe it took me so long to realize, that’s just plain common sense, and after surgeries the scar tissue becomes a problem, now they cant tell if theres new cancer there…………..ugh i’m so sick of all this………..once ur in this stupid system is it too late? ugh

        • @0238d9b45d2ebd63608f037889375a1f:disqus – it’s never too late. I’m a firm believer that as long as you are alive and breathing you can improve any condition. Your assessment of the cats scans and then watching that area every 3 months is right on. You are wise. There’s a great book called the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. If you haven’t read it yet, pick it up. It’s a good one. And, keep your positive attitude about what you’re going through – it’ll help you more than you can ever imagine.

  • Elke

    Hi Andrea, wow, what am amazing story and I am not surprised it worked. With your positive energy, positive willpower and your healthy lifestyle it just had to go away! I am currently signed up at IIN and let me just tell you I love you and the cooking DVD. We just had your class about carbs and I love my grains (not the cheerio ones 😉 but brown rice, quinoa etc. I have been eating them for many years and feel great! I love the way you present it and come across, you just crack me up sometimes with your great an positive sense of humor 🙂 keep up the great work and thanks for your inspiration! Love from Paris, Elke

  • Linda

    Way to go, Andrea! That’s EXACTLY what I believe too… the way the traditional medical people “attack” cancer these days is not very effective at all. People are lucky if they survive the TREATMENT really!! Many would have survived the cancer but die of side effects of the chemo and radiation–or live with long-term damage to their body. Those things don’t push them in the direction of health at all! Keep getting the word out! It takes courage to go against the medical system…but people are doing it more and more!

  • Andrea, You have put into words what I have been thinking/feeling for years now! Thank you! I think its beautiful you had the piece of mind to work with the lump instead of drowning yourself in fear (only to exacerbate the stress!) and that you questioned modern medicine. Every time I hear someone got chemo/radiation, part of my shivers and It motivates me to continuing teaching preventative health so those lumps never arise!
    Keep up the amazing work, hopefully more people begin to question modern medicine and find their own healing path in spirituality, holistic health and positive thinking. Go Girl!!


    • Andrea Beaman

      Thank you Elisa!

  • Hi Andrea,
    Your story is very inspiring. I had uterin cancer 2 1/2 years ago, not knowing any better, I opted for a partial Hysterectomy and thought it was done with. I changed my diet to plant based and now I am 70% raw. I am also a student of IIN and gratuate in August. So I was really surprised when they found a 6cm mass in my pelvic area 5 weeks ago via examination and cat scan. Now I am torn. It’s really scary to think that it might be cancer again. I am 43 years old, do Yoga and take good care of myself. I admitt, that sugar is still a problem in honey and wine. I always thought all the green juices would balance it out. My oncologist wants to operate. I am thinking about going to the Hippocrates institute, since I live close by, but it is very expensive. Dr. Oz had a show on yesterday about Ovarian cancer and how dangerous it can be when not taken care of right away. Any suggestions are appreciated. Have a great day.

    • Andrea Beaman

      Hi Helke – Yes, just because you are eating well and taking excellent care of yourself does not mean that you are not susceptible to disease. Now, the key is to find out what is stopping the energy in the pelvic area of your body. Are the raw foods making your body too “cold” (cold causes contraction). Are you holding on to any negative feelings toward and ex-lover (your blockage is in 2nd chakra). I believe there are many things you can do to tweak your diet and consciousness to help move that stuck energy.

      • susan g

        This woman has a history of uterine cancer. Now she has a 6cm mass in her pelvis and YOU are talking to her about her chakra’s!

        Do you have any idea how ominous this is? This is a perfect example for why someone like you should NOT be giving advice relating to any medical condition.

        Whether you realize it or not (obviously you don’t) this person has a very serious situation. I hope she listens to her oncologist.

  • will

    I believe wholeheartedly that we can, through proper nutrition, do much to greatly reduce the likelihood of disease. There can be no doubt that our lives are greatly enriched with proper balance in diet and spiritual focus. The notion that you cured yourself of breast cancer is dangerous. Anecdotes do not make for proper medical evidence especially when the lump was never examined. It is true that proper diet and exercise do not make one immune from disease. Helke – you should continue your healthy ways an consult your oncologist immediately!

  • Barbara

    Heike, I agree with Will, Andrea’s anecdote sounds great but without an initial exam of the mass you cannot just assume it’s cancer. Cysts hurt, breast cancer doesn’t hurt otherwise it would be easy to find. With her symptom of pain it’s much more likely that she had a cyst which resolved on it’s own. If you have ovarian cancer time is paramount, don’t delay surgery. You can do all the healthy things in addition to having the tumor removed. I wish you all the best!

    • Andrea Beaman

      Thanks for sharing, Barbara, but I disagree! My mom’s breast cancer began with a pain in her arm radiating from a lump in her breast.The docs did not diagnose cancer initially. It wasn’t until one year later that they diagnosed the same lump with cancer. You can read more here. https://andreabeaman.com/honoring-my-mothers-journey/#.T-n1hI4QglA

  • Maureen Wheeler

    Seriously, you inspire me every day. I’ve heard this story before, but I love re-reading it. Your faith in your body being the ultimate expert on the topic of your body is powerful. xo

  • ltrain

    Andrea – I believe treating cancer takes both western and eastern approaches. one of our best friends was diagnosed with a baseball sized tumor in his brain. He had one of the best surgeons in the world operate on it in Boston, and received clean margins, but still did chemo for a year. on top of chemo, he radically changed his diet and lifestyle – no sugar, no processed foods, very little red meat, tons of fish, and all organic fruits and veggies. he seems to be doing well currently, but has to constantly be checked for any new growth. why is he doing so well? i am positive it is a combination of the two attitudes on cancer (he also has taken up acupuncture and yoga) – for some cancers you really cannot wait for them to heal themselves. i respectfully disagree, but i still love you!

  • Isabel

    It was amazing to read this and how powerful we all are if we just believed in our body and the natural abilities it has to heal itself from absolutely anything! Thank you for posting this…..it was wonderful to read. xxx

  • edduerr

    I believe that our bodies function based on what they ARE and that is part genetics, part environment and part what we put into them. That last one is the biggest variable. They say we are what we eat. There is more wisdom in that than most people are willing to admit. We truly ARE what we eat and drink and breathe. What we eat is critical to how our bodies perform. They are a remarkable self-healing organism. They are also amazingly adaptable and will adapt to whatever we throw at it and I do mean WHATEVER. If we throw the wrong stuff at it, it will adjust and deal with it. The body will change and sometimes that change manifests itself as disease (actually most of the time it will) and quite often that disease is something serious. That change tales time and we may not remember what we did to create that change.
    If, on the other hand, we feed this body of ours just the right combination of nutrition (and no I to not believe in the FDA nor the USDA to tell me what I should eat) and fluids, I believe it can heal ANYTHING. Andrea, you have PROVEN that and so have I. There are thousands more that have and I know some of them. Enough on that….because I believe there is one more piece to this puzzle and you have used this piece well also.

    It is the mind.
    We all know about the placebo effect and we all say that it does work but do we REALLY believe that or do we just believe like one of the contributors said a couple of weeks ago….that it would have resolved itself…
    I have witnessed the placebo effect personally countless times. I reasonably understand it but do not know enough about it to tell you how to use it. I do know that the mind is an amazing part of the human experience. I used my mind to help become cancer free over 2 years ago form an incurable cancer (one that NO ONE have ever cured).
    We have all been told that ‘you can do anything you put your mind to…’ but WE do not really believe that, do we?
    I DO.

    THIS is what I believe…..

    • Hi Ed – Excellent! Thank you for sharing your beliefs. Yes, I too believe our mind is more powerful than we can even imagine. We are amazing creatures capable of great things. You have proven that. Thank you!

      Wishing you health,
      Andrea Beaman, HHC, AADP, Chef

      • It is amazing what our minds are capable of doing. I also believe in a holistic approach, eating healthy, exercise, and meditation. I know I am not doing the best I could, but try hard to do well in all those areas. I do my best to positively influence my 6 year old daughter. She knows about toxic things (and thoughts) and how they can harm us. She eats healthy, exercises, and meditates daily. We very rarely watch tv, only educational shows or movies, rather, we spend time together as a family, play games, build, or spend time in the garden or nature. Eventhough we did all the things and continue, at 1 yr old, my daughter was diagnoted with a cystic brain lesion. Because of the severity of the swelling, she had emergency surgery. We did not want a stent put in and we fortunate that her doctor would perform a fenistration instead. The swelling subsided and the cyst has not grown in size. I believe that our steps to be healthy have definitely worked in our favor. I would love advise on how to help her meditate more, like you did, so that it may decrease in size and possibly disappear. We practice yoga and also see an acupuncturist. Do you have any advise?

        • Hi Kim – It sounds like you have a great family dynamic at work. I love that you have the kids meditating!
          My advice on meditating more is to pick up some great books and do practice meditations. There’s a good book by Jack Kornfeld called A Path With Heart It’s one of my favorites. Plus, Peace is Every Stepby Thich Nhat Hahn is another good one.
          Keep up the great work you are doing with your family.

    • Nikki Reynoso

      I agree with Andrea 100% ! However there are certain points to consider once someone is diagnosed with cancer. To be consciously indecisive ( usually due to our environment ) it has a lot to do with the paths we take during our time in this world.. A lot of people are not as focus, trained or inform regarding this very sensitive matter; The big “C”.. Once a person is diagnosed with the disease what happens next? We get wired sensation between denial and confusion. Meanwhile the pressure to get “ treatment as soon is possible“ is always rushing us into more confusion to our dilemma and since we don’t know what to do, we just follow whatever the authority ( Doctor in this case ) says, and we go for the conventional “treatments”. There are situations when the person has a lot information about cancer; People that have a very good idea how their body work, and they have a very good awareness on naturally healing procedures, but guess what? Sometimes all that, is not enough! we still feel the demands of doctors, family members, ect. The pressure that it telling us, what about if the healthy living therapy doesn’t work? What about if I’m strong enough to surpass the radiation? What’s the biggest risk, if I do or if I don’t? and one day sooner then later we say, let’s try it just to be in the “safe side of it”
      Most times we submerge our self’s into a ocean of confusion and we don’t realize that whatever we passionately put into our minds will work !! it fills my heart with joy every time I see more and more people waking up and recognizing how strong we are ! as a whole and as an individuals.. How strong our bodies are ! Really not just physically but mentally and really our inner body and most importantly our minds! We boast super strong mind and strong body, we just need to find the way how to understand it in order to synchronize body and soul to deal with it not only to cure ourselves, but also to be happy! I truly believe that our mind is more powerful than anything else ! Lets’ hope for more people like Andrea in this planet! Positive willpower to the people!
      Niurka Reynoso

  • Ally

    Andrea, amazing and scary. I hope if I am ever faced with such circumstances, I can be as strong as you. Did you ever go to the dr.?

    • Yes, I do go to the doctor when I need to. In the past 10 years, I’ve been to the dr. 2x. Mostly, I use my other healers for preventative stuff (acupuncture, massage, etc.)
      Wishing you health,
      Andrea Beaman, HHC, AADP, Chef

  • Linda Dussault

    You know your own body and lifestyle better than anyone else. Natural is always the best first step. If the body created the little bump then I believe the body can also destroy the little bump. Edgar Casey said “Mind is the builder” body is the reflection. So what you believe projects a great force for good or bad. So glad you healed yourself. Your are a great inspiration.

  • Sandra

    Wow – I am so inspired by you. Thank you so much for sharing this story! I am in awe!! If anyone could do this, you could… and did. And I believe anyone could do this too. Again, thank you!

  • Andrea, I have heard you tell this story live at IIN and continue to be inspired by your passion & honesty. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a clear & approachable way. xoxo/m

  • Catherine

    I think this is a completely irresponsible post. Yes indeed diet and lifestyle are huge factors in cancer but you make it seem like everyone can prevent and cure their own cancer. That is completely untrue. You were lucky although the facts are more than 80% of breast masses are benign and will indeed shrink or never cause a problem. I am also a graduate of IIN and a 25+ oncology nurse and I truly believe that the right approach to cancer prevention and treatment is integrative……traditional medicine combined with diet, activity, mind-body work, and social support. That is what you should be promoting, There are many people who are alive today bcause of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

    • Ingrid

      Please Catherine really that is your experience. Most be have deceased thoughts, bodies and behaviors. There is a lot money to be made my chemo, surgery and radiation and whilst it might have some value I do NOT believe that this is an irresponsible post at all.

      • Linda

        My godmother is the head of one of the top breast cancer centers in the world. She read this post and tears welled in her eyes. She is known for her compassion and expertise and many women are transferred to her care when they are terminal.

        She agrees that the body/mind and eating connection is very powerful. However, she sees at least a patient at day who has tried approaches similar to these minus any Western medical assistance and they have failed. She then gets them to a point where the cancer is in remission and often they leave her care to go back to their methods. She sees them again a few months later – and most of the time they are at that point terminal. She could have saved many of these women, some who just needed a simple lump of skin removed – no chemo, no radiation.

        Cancer overwhelms the immune system and sometimes the body needs help. Cancer is not a modern disease, it has been recorded as early as 1500 B.C. A marriage between the two methodologies – Western and holistic does not seem unreasonable. My mother lived in a very clean manner and we practiced visualization. She had no bad thoughts, just love for life and for me. She tried all methods and has now been dead for many years. I credit both methods for giving her life for an additional 2 years so she could see me grow into a teenager.

        I find this slightly irresponsible as well. I truly believe in the power of your approach as well as the studies of modern medicine. To forsake one for another does not seem to make sense, to ignore years of study and testing because it’s a nasty money making scheme also seems irrational. Money making schemes exists everywhere, don’t kid yourself. I wish everyone their best with their health endeavors.

        • Andrea Beaman

          I agree, cancer is not a modern disease. It’s been around for a long time. What I don’t believe in, is our modern approach and treatment for cancer. I believe everything is energy. I also believe cancer is “energy.” It’s just energy that is stuck or growing in an odd direction. Like a tree that gets lumps and bumps. Many people live with cancer and have productive and wonderful lives, even with “stuck” energy inside their body. I don’t believe in poisoning the body with chemotherapy and radiation. I don’t believe my thoughts and feelings are irresponsible. I believe in honoring and supporting my body to the best of my ability while my soul is occupying it. For me… that does not include radiation and chemotherapy. For someone else, it might. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this sensitive subject. I’m sorry you lost your mom at such an early age.

        • I agree, cancer is not a modern disease. It’s been around for a long time. What I don’t believe in, is our modern approach and treatment for cancer. I believe everything is energy. I also believe cancer is “energy.” It’s just energy that is stuck or growing in an odd direction. Like a tree that gets lumps and bumps. Many people live with cancer and have productive and wonderful lives, even with “stuck” energy inside their body. I don’t believe in poisoning the body with chemotherapy and radiation. I don’t believe my thoughts and feelings are irresponsible. I believe in honoring and supporting my body to the best of my ability while my soul is occupying it. For me… that does not include radiation and chemotherapy. For someone else, it might. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this sensitive subject. I’m sorry you lost your mom at such an early age.

          • Deborah

            I won’t use demo or radiation, but I would have myself checked and if necessary have a lump removed. I’ve also heard your messages on a broadcast about women choosing to have induced labor. You don’t even have kids, why are you telling women what to do. I like you also & ate one of your meals two days go, but you need to get off the suggestion that the world is now according to Andrea.

    • ju

      And how many people are dying because of chemotherapy, surgery… I am sure that they are a huge number but we will never know as the doctor will tell “cancer killed him, we could do nothing for save him

  • MDBritt

    I have an acquaintance who sits at the counter in an old-fashioned general store where I often get lunch. She had endometrial cancer a few years back and, being very spiritual, she considered relying on alternative cancer care. She teamed up with four acquaintances who had also found themselves victims of cancer (various kinds) to form a prayer and support group. After a few weeks of prayer, she decided to get standard treatment – including radiation and chemo. Her friends all stayed with their “alternative” therapies.

    She told me this story as a warning because I had just been diagnosed with throat cancer. Well, my surgeon was great and it turned out that I was very lucky – I did not need chemo or radiation (I credit clean living and all) – just surgery. But, Andrea, she told me the story because her friends are all dead now; she’s the only one left alive. And she wanted to make sure that I didn’t go the “alternative” route that some people suggested to me.

    Andrea – I think you are great, you know? But you may well have given several people the “justification” that they needed to choose a path that will lead to their death. That is just so, so sad.

    • susan g

      MDBritt thank you for your story. I’ve watched people take the alternative medicine route right to their grave. The holistic, alternative, naturopathic, what ever you want to call them they will say conventional medicine doesn’t always work either. That’s true. But conventional medicine has been tested for safety and efficacy and it’s been proven to work much of the time. These alternative therapies have either been disproven to work, or are unproven. Because if they DID work they would be called “MEDICINE” not alternative TO medicine.

      These people who put all their faith in these alt treatments never had a chance.

      One last thing for those who claim patients who die, die because of the treatment. This simply isn’t true. Most of the time it’s the CANCER that kills them. The symptoms are the same as the side effects of chemo. Loss of appetite, weight loss, pain, weakness, sallow greyish skin color, etc.

  • Maria Concilio

    Andrea, you crack me up! I love that, just poop those lumps out! May this become the way to treat the big C as we acquire more knowledge about this disease that affects so many people.

  • Success

    How amazing it would be if people were all conscious enough to apply these principles of healing? Every being has the same capacity to do so, yet we have been programmed to run to the doctor, become medicated and/or be cut open. Andrea, thank you for sharing. You are another example of how powerful we really are. What we create in our bodies we can also eliminate, it takes work, patience and sacrifice and the majority is clearly not willing, or not knowing how to do so. We are so out of touch with our bodies it’s sad.

  • Hanna

    People don’t realize just how powerful they are with their thoughts- if you believe you have cancer then get the white man MD treatment: that is what will kill you. Not the cells in your body.

    The human body is meant to survive and move forward however, with all the preconditioning we get to believe in cancer in the first place- our mind consciousness doesn’t allow us to change our thought process.

    Believe in the power of the mind and don’t give in to the white man and his ideas! Look at where our friends like the Native Americans are now because of the white man. Where will YOU be because of the white man?

  • Kylee

    I love this. It really resonates with me. I appreciate each to their own, but your story is very empowering and inspiring to me. Jon Gabriel is also another who inspires me. I have just discovered your webpage, can’t wait to have a look around. Cheers xx

  • jen

    I don’t believe in cancer. I believe it exists as a virus, like the “common cold”
    that doctors cant cure either……I do believe that “common sense” e.g. positive nutrients and exercise , rest when you need and by the way ,…I don’t believe in hell either. God Bless

    • Thanks for your insight, Jen! I’m with you on that.

  • natural food chef

    My Mom’s first symptom of breast cancer was a sore elbow which Dr’s told her was tennis elbow. No lump. When that didn’t get better and progressed to lymphodema they did all kinds of mri’s and xrays , and mamograms and then telling her she probably had lung cancer.( which she didn’t) They then proceeded to do radiation on the lung area which made her whole arm and breast area open up. A major mess till she died. She went on a macrobiotic diet about 3 weeks before she died. I believe it kept her alive longer. She had a great appetite till the end. I am a nurse and had not seen any thing like it before or after. The damage the radiation did to her skin was overwhelming. The Dr’s really had no idea what they were doing or treating. I don’t have much faith in our health care system today and try to stay healthy with a plant based, organic diet. I became a Natural food chef a couple of years ago and love seeing the changes in people’s health when they start eating the way they were intended to eat.

    • I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your mom. Sending you a healing hug.

  • Irrate

    Well, if you have mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2, you will eventually believe in cancer and then good luck with your holistic treatment. Nutrition is important, but genetic background is a little bit more important. The reason that chemo often does not work is that metastatic cancer cells are resistant to those treatments and we have so far no specific treatments that target metastasis. And what you had in your breast was an inflamed node. Had nothing to do with cancer. I hope for your clients sake you know your own wellness treatments better. You certainly know nothing about cancer and should therefore shut up or learn. Greetings from a researcher working at the front.

    • Thanks for the giggle. Thankfully, we live in a society where everyone has a right to their own belief systems. You have yours and I have mine. Best of success to you on the “front.”

      • robertallen1

        Hopefully we live in a society where a quack like you will eventually get put down like Kevin Trudeau of late.
        And don’t insult the intelligence by trying to whitewash your garbage with the veneer of a belief system. Either the evidence bears out a hypothesis or it doesn’t–and the evidence does not bear out a damn thing you claim. In short, belief systems have no place in science, but evidence does, you despicable fraud.

      • HurtboxTV

        Yeah except for the fact that your method will get cancer patients killed.

    • robertallen1

      And more power to you. Keep up the good work.

  • I wish Angelina would consider a $4000 private consultation with you Andrea, before rethinking her $$$$ breast reconstruction.

    • Hi Violaine – I think she’s doing the right thing for herself and what she understands about cancer and disease. This confirms for me that my mission, as well as the mission of many of the health coaches and wellness practitioners I teach, is to try and re-educate the masses about the root causes of disease and how to heal it. I don’t believe mutilating the body and attacking it, heals it. I believe there are many other ways to “prevent” and heal disease that need to be shared with people. The alternative information needs to be as widespread as what the mainstream media is promoting. We need to have bigger voices.

      • susan g

        ” I teach, is to try and re-educate the masses about the root causes of disease and how to heal”

        Oh really? You do know that the human body is an incredibly complicated organism? Doctors study human bio-physiology, cell biology, pathophysiology, immunology, microbiology, bio chemistry, anatomy, molecular genetics, epidemiology just to name a few in order to even BEGIN to understand how all the different systems work and exactly what and how something can go wrong. Then most difficult, how to treat it.

        There are doctor’s that have devoted their entire lives to understanding all of this. Guess what? The advancements are mind boggling. Just in the area of molecular genetics alone it’s impressive.

        And then someone like you comes along and has the audacity to make the claim that YOU are going to re-educate the masses! Just what are your credentials and qualifications for re-educating the masses? I’d like to know because medicine is one of the hardest things to learn. From what I can see you have NO education at all in the sciences. But you’re going to correct all those thousands of doctors, scientists, and researchers. You’re going to re-educate them. It would be funny if not for the fact that you might actually fdwget someone to buy into the claptrap you’re selling as a treatment for diseases like cancer.

        If you stuck with giving nutritional advice it wouldn’t be a problem. But no. You think you can cure serious disease with your dietary advice. You’re going to get someone killed doing this.

        Have you ever heard of Robert O Young? He’s responsible for people’s deaths including a woman with breast cancer. He told her he could cure her with his diet and mind control. In fact exactly what YOU are doing.

        Today the woman is dead from metastatic breast cancer and HE’S out on 100,00 dollars bail arrested on 18 felonies for practicing medicine without an license and theft.


        • Jason

          “You think you can cure serious disease with your dietary advice. You’re going to get someone killed doing this.”….

          How is it any different from Doctors who think they can cure disease with poison, cutting, and radiating? Oh yeah.. I forgot… when you can quantify how many people die and wrap it into a nice sounding marketing spin like “survival rate”… I guess it gives it some sort of credibility. Any half healthy person can live 5 years after being poisoned to near death… I wonder ( if we legally could) what the survival rate would be if someone 1. had cancer 2. was put on a regiment of exercise 3. giving a diet rich in real food full of nutrients 4. and massaged the mind through living in compassion, no fear, no stress…ect.

          It is a shame that it is illegal to due such a study, oh the power of the medical establishment to not want to explore this… imagine if at its worst it produced the same results… gasp.

          • Diane Brasch

            Oh my there you go again with the “I wish they would do a study” crap. They don’t NEED to do a study. Doctors see patients who when told they have cancer and what they need to do to treat it, tell their doctor they want to try woo instead. Then what typically happens is the doctor won’t see them again until they are at deaths door and it’s too late. Sometimes the patient will go back to their doctor when they realize the tumor is still growing or now they have a blockage in their intestine from the cancer or whatever. There are a thousand scenarios all bad. Usually it’s too late for the doctor to help them. So NO they don’t need to do a study using what you are so sure will cure cancer. They see the damage done by the woo miesters who claim cancer can be treated with juicing, herbs and spices and happy thoughts!

      • robertallen1


        Hey, Andrea, Susan G has your number all right and it’s a big zero. You are no better than the Robert O. Young she mentions and Ty Bollinger. Here’s a link which applies to you as much as it does to him. http://hatepseudoscience.com/2014/03/07/ty-bollingers-canceruntruth/
        I can hardly wait till the appropriate medical authorities come down on you. It’s no more than you deserve.

    • Fedos

      I wish no one would ever give this charlatan money.

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  • Fedos

    Is it possible for someone to be this ignorant? Ms Beaman has no business giving health advice.

    • susan g

      Yes Fedos I’m afraid it’s not only possible, but far too common. I checked Mrs. Beaman’s page and I don’t see any educational background that would qualify her to be giving cancer treatment advice. Or any advice for treating ANY disease. It’s called “Practicing Medicine Without a License”.

      Mrs.Beaman spends a great amount of time talking about her Mother’s unfortunate experience fighting breast cancer. She should keep in mind that her Mother’s treatment was 34 years ago! Many changes and improvements have come about in the last 34 years.

      Another medical experience Beaman speaks about is how she “healed her goiter”. She goes on and on about how she vehemently refused radiation treatment for her goiter. There are many different types and grades of goiters. With some there are no symptoms and no treatment needed at all. For others it varies greatly from mild treatment to surgery or radiation. From what she tells us I wonder what type she actually had.

      At any rate she has no business giving medical advice to anyone. I would say 95% of her medical information is flat out wrong.

      • robertallen1

        @Fedos and Susan G
        Absolutely and quite frankly I think she should be investigated and the sooner the better. Medical frauds such as Ms. Beaman are generally found to be overstepping their bounds, thus breaking some laws.

      • @disqus_KqcuRlppsv:disqus – You are correct. I do NOT give medical advice to anyone. I leave the medical advice to the doctors. You need to read a little bit deeper about my refusal of radiation. It was for autoimmune thyroid disease, not for goiter. The goiter just happened to be a symptom of my thyroid condition. I’m happy to hear there has been improvements in the treatment of cancer over the last 34 years. That’s fantastic! I still choose another type of healing for myself and for my students and clients. You can read more about that below: https://andreabeaman.com/she-said-what-burn-the-witch/#.UzWjTNxcLqo

        • Jason

          very little has changed in 34 years. It is still cut, poison, or radiate.

          • Diane Brasch

            Not much has changed in
            34 years? Back in the 70’s when Nixon declared the war on cancer the overall survival rate for a person diagnosed with cancer was 34%. Today the overall survival rate is 69%.

            For some types of cancer like lymphomas the cure rate is around 95%! Do you know how many kids diagnosed with leukemia 60 years ago survived? Zero. Today with the new protocols the cure rate is as high as 85-90%. Overall the success rate for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer is 85%.

            Since scientists have mapped the human genome new drugs that target the person specific cancer tumor are coming on line. There are dozens of types of chemotherapy that what in completely different ways. Many don’t have the horrible side effects the older drugs had and patients can even continue working while receiving treatment. New anti-nausea drugs make tolerating chemotherapy that does have bad side effects much easier.

          • Diane Brasch

            I laugh at your cluelessness. You don’t even understand how a tylenol works to get rid of a headache! Yes a tylenol does act directly on what causes the headache.

      • Jason

        You don’t need an MD to know that the body is always seeking a state of homeostasis. Actually…if you do have an MD, it is very likely you learned very little about nutrition and a whole lot about how to use drugs to manage SYMPTOMS. People would be better served to seek a personal trainer and a nutritionist than a DR when ill.

        • Diane Brasch

          It simply isn’t true that doctors don’t learn anything about nutrition in medical school. In fact they learn quite a lot about nutrition and must even understand it on the molecular level.

          But that doesn’t stop people who are anti- mainstream medicine from repeating this lie over and over again.

          Yes doctors do treat symptoms. It’s called relieving suffering. Many times while the symptoms are treated the cause of the disease is eliminated. Some diseases there isn’t a cure for. Would it be right to just let the patient suffer with the symptoms of the disease? There is nothing wrong with alievating the symptoms. I could never understand why you alties make this claim all the time like it’s a bad thing.

  • susan g

    You might not be snarky enough to think disease won’t manifest in your own body. But you are terribly misinformed and dumb enough to think a malignant breast cancer will disappear by adjusting your diet and simply 1IMAGINING the tumor is going away.

    There are many different types of “lumps” that AREN’T malignant that can pop up in the breast tissue and then spontaneously go away on their own. Since you never had any kind of testing done to determine the type of tumor it was, you would have had NO way of knowing if it even was a malignant breast tumor.

    Of course those with even a modicum of intelligence would know it couldn’t have been a malignant tumor. Why? Because they are not cured with a diet and one’s imagination. I would also question your ability to feel a tumor the size of the head of a pin that is sitting in the breast tissue. That would be impossible.

    The quote you give that supposedly came from Johns Hopkins Hospital DIDN’T come from it. That is a fraudulent article that circulates every year. It’s jam packed with pseudoscience and outright lies relating to cancer. The quacks will stop at nothing to promote their lies and b.s. Even pretend that their lies are coming from a prestigious Hospital.

    You may feel comfortable with playing Russian Roulette with your own life, even though your own Mother died from breast cancer at a young age. But this fact alone puts you in a high risk category. For you to send out a message that could potentially put someone else’s life at risk is despicable and immoral.

    Did it ever occur to you that you could very well be diverting and delaying a woman from getting proper medical care. Early detection/diagnoses/treatment gives a woman the best chance for survival!

    A woman might listen to your story and delay her treatment by trying to get rid of their lump with a diet and happy thoughts. This delay could cost them their life.

    BTW did you know that today in 2014 the overall success rate for women with breast cancer who receive conventional treatment is right around 85%

    With any diet, and wishing, hoping, and ” I visualized it popping out from the side of my breast”!! The chance for survival? ZERO.

    The only one with a brain between the two of you is Pablo. Pablo is on the right track. You ARE in a high risk group for breast cancer. There could very well be a next time with a new lump. I recommend you listen to Pablo.

    • robertallen1

      Why are you bombarding and burdening this poor lady with facts when as Pope put it, hope springs eternal in the human breast, cancerous or otherwise.

  • robertallen1

    No one with any intelligence or education gives a damn about what you believe, for you have absolutely no medical education, training, experience or credentials of anything approaching any kind.. You have nothing to offer except defecation on the work of the minions of REAL scientists who have spent their entire professional lives studying the over 200 types of cancers.
    Who know how many conditions you and the ignorance you embody have needlessly exacerbated. Who knows how many early deaths you and the ignorance you embody have brought about. To characterize you as beneath contemptible and beyond despicable and worse yet, pernicious and dangerous, is a gross understatement. You should be more than just ashamed of yourself. Stick to your cooking, lady and leave the real science to those with education, ability and competence!

    • @robertallen1:disqus Thank you for your thoughts. When I went into “Disqus” to answer the comments I saw that your commentary was spammed 39 times by other people! Wow! That’s a LOT of spam! It’s a testament to what people think about your material. Maybe you and @disqus_KqcuRlppsv:disqus should write your own website where you both can share your thoughts freely and no-one will spam you. Best of success with your mission!

      • DeeDee

        RobertAllen1, That’s to bad you can’t put those 200 types of cancer through the test of healing naturally before assuming with robotic thinking of experienced credentials maybe it would be a good idea to compare charts to survival and non-survival of both. It might help to do some research in how readjusting life style and diet has benefited many and so much and some choose to cross the boarder to get professional help. Your the ones that are raking in the millions and not finding a cure for cancer. Why not natural? Because it’s cheaper and no one would profit. I got rid of my thyroid problem and hypoglycemia 30 years ago through natural healing. I have problems again so I’m doing the same process with vitamins, diet, walking and quieting the mind. My symptoms are slowly going away all takes time. “It takes longer” and isn’t a quick fix like cutting something out or poisoning the body. It would help if would you would study up on healing the cells naturally in getting things to flow right. Your writing sounds like you could use a little bit of a break or meditation that’s bad for your health you know.

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but if im dying i would rather trust the word of a qualified professional in the medical field using knowledge that has been proven time and time again to be accurate.

  • Me

    Pretty odd that you write about cancer, because you’re a walking, talking malignancy yourself.

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  • AlisinChanes

    You probably didn’t even have cancer in your breast so the whole post is silly. Bumps pop up on people all the time and disappear after a few days. You never had it checked, so? Now innocent people are going to read this and believe they can kill cancer by visualizing it leaving their body. God help you.

  • David

    I believe that if you were willing to put in the time to study biology and medicine for say 10 years or until you earned your PhD, you would look back at this story and the questions you asked about cancer and realize they are so profoundly ignorant that you would shrink to the size of a pinhead yourself.

    • @David – thank you for your thoughts. You are correct, if I were to study biology and medicine for 10 years, I may think differently. And, on that note, if you were to spend 20 years researching alternative healing and natural medicine, you may have a different opinion as well.

  • Laureen

    Cancer is being overdiagnosed. You state one thing in the title and assert the opposite in the text. Cancer does not exist as we think it does. They are just seeing more with MRIs and CTscans that were first used after Nixon’s ‘war on cancer’ bill. It was designed to misdiagnose people with the dreaded “cancer” in order to profit and cull the population

  • Coach Nancy

    That’s nice, Andrea, but tell that to the husbands and wives and children whose lost one did essentially the same thing, and it was too late to save their lives by the time they realized the cancer was spreading.

    • @coachnancy:disqus – everyone is on their own journey and using the tools that they find useful. One of the great things about this wonderful life is we get to choose how we want to support ourselves and our families. I offer people an alternative view. It’s one that I’ve seen work, and it’s one that I’ve seen not work. I’m sure you can say the same about what you’ve seen. Choose the way you want to live your life and how you want to heal, and if you find something you believe to be worthwhile, share it.

  • Evelyn

    You never had it tested so you don’t actually know if the lump was cancer, it may have been a cyst. A non invasive test to take is the Navarro HCG test. It’s a great way to actually tell if an alternative treatment is working. Otherwise, how can you know for sure?

  • Katieg

    You are everything wrong with alternative medicine pushers. A complete misunderstanding of cells, lymph nodes, cancer and cancer treatment as well as anecdotal stories about undiagnosed breast cancer that you can’t prove. People like you take money from desperate, dying people and steer treatable people away from life-saving medicine. You should be in jail.

    • @disqus_0qiICZCKo8:disqus – thanks for your input. I wouldn’t say it’s a “complete misunderstanding”, I would say it’s a “different understanding” of healing. The medical profession has been taught one way, and alternative healers have been taught a different way. There are many roads to healing – not just one. I educate people about the choices that have NOT been given to them at the doctor’s office, so they can make the best decision for their health; the one that resonates with them, without being bullied into doing something they don’t want to do.