How do you feel about our environment?

Humans are the one species that is mucking up the planet with junk.

There may be many reasons for this.

In my 20+ years working with people and altering their diet and lifestyle to support their health, I have found some common threads.

The first is, people care more about the environment (the soil, the fresh water, the oceans, the air, and the earth as a whole) when they begin taking better care of their own internal environment; their physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

We are intimately connected to the earth whether we choose to see it or not. This is ancient healing wisdom.

Our physical body is literally made up of the elements that come from the soil, water, air, vegetation, and animal life.

We are essentially the earth – just a much smaller version.

With that in mind… if someone’s physical body is filled with plastics (phthalates, plasticizers, BPA), they may not notice or care about the plastic piling up around them in the external environment. Including the plastic that washes up on the shore, or the plastic that is piled high in the dumping sites, and the plastic that is killing the sea creatures and other animals.

If someone is smoking chemicals and/or vaping, they may not care about the various chemicals being spewed into the air by factories. Those chemicals contribute to air pollution, displace oxygen, and are linked to a host of human ailments.[1]

If someone is not fully breathing air and taking deep calming breaths into their lungs and cells on a daily basis, they may not care that the lungs outside of their body (the trees in the Amazon – that are considered the lungs of our planet) are being cut down and/or burned at alarming rates.[2]

We cannot live healthfully on the planet without the trees. More on that here: Are you calling me a Tree Hugger?

If someone is drinking beverages that are colored with chemicals and infused with artificial flavor, they may not care that the world’s fresh clean water supply is dwindling or being contaminated by mountaintop removal.

For more insight on water read this: Do you know your water? If not, you need to. Here’s Why…

If someone spends their days with their face stuck inside a little computer screen, they may not be able to see the bigger picture of what’s happening in the external environment around them.

And, here’s a biggie… if our own personal emissions that we are putting out into the world, whether they are physical or emotional, are negative and toxic, why would we care about the toxic emissions of big industries and what they are doing to the earth?

In my practice, I have witnessed when people make a conscious shift toward a healthier diet and lifestyle, and they reconnect back to thier own body (physical, emotional & spiritual), they have a tendency to connect more deeply to the planet they are living on: the planet that supports their health and wellness, and ultimately their survival while they are here.

Climate change is a normal part of the earth’s natural heating and cooling process. It’s happened before and it will continue to happen in the future. With or without human beings.

But, I’m very clear that we humans are contributing to an uninhabitable and toxic environment, not only for ourselves but for all of the other creatures that inhabit the earth.

Humans are the most toxic and unsustainable creatures on the planet, and we are supposedly the caretakers of this Eden.

We have been given the amazing gift of life, and we inhabit a human body that is perfectly designed to live that life here on planet earth. Not on Mars, not on the Moon… but on Earth.

Cleaning up our environment needs to begin within.