How do we support our health after the Coronavirus crisis?

This coronavirus crisis has shown us some amazing things about our healthcare system.

Most notably the heroic efforts of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers doing their best to support us through this challenging time.

But, this crisis has also shown us that our healthcare system has big flaws, and is not set up to handle an influx of illness on such a large scale.

This is not the first virus to sweep its way around the world, and if history repeats itself (as it so often does), it certainly won’t be the last.

So, what can we do to support our health when the next crisis works its way through the human population?

I believe, we start calming our fears by knowing we have access to medicine in our homes.

So often home-cooked foods and culinary herbs and spices are overlooked as medicine, and that is unfortunate.

Both my husband and I were diagnosed with Covid-19, and we had medicine in our kitchen to manage our symptoms at home. You can read more about that here:

If you know you have access to medicine to strengthen your lungs and immune system and support your body during a crisis like this, it could reduce your fears and help you feel more empowered.

For example, something as simple as Thyme, Honey and Lemon tea can ease and/or resolve a cough. One of the main symptoms of this Coronavirus is a dry cough. Most people have dried thyme in their kitchen pantry or spice rack. And yes, it can and should, be used as medicine. The herb thyme is a natural expectorant, and it’s antibacterial and antiseptic.[1]

Another classic food that was traditionally used as medicine and it is often overlooked today is Chicken Soup. It was affectionately known as “Jewish Penicillin” when I was growing up in the 1970’s.

According to the latest medical science, Old-fashioned chicken soup, prepared with bone stock, garlic, and herbs, supports the mucus membranes, strengthens the gut and overall immunity.[2] [3]

What was once considered an “Old Wives Tale” is making a delicious comeback as good medicine.

In this day and age where almost everyone relies on pharmaceutical medications to suppress symptoms rather than resolve them, these homemade recipes may seem too simplistic.

But, the truth is, food and herbs have been used as medicine for thousands of years and will continue to support us as long as we know how to use it.

This crisis has clearly proven that we need to get back to using kitchen medicine before the next crisis comes and knocks us flat on our backs again.

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With knowledge comes power.

Empower yourself before the next virus comes knocking.