How about a cup of coffee... up your butt?!

For over a decade I was a habitual coffee drinker.

I used to drink between 2–4 cups of coffee per day, every day for about 10 years. Give or take a couple of years.

That was of course before I changed my dietary and lifestyle habits.

Once my own internal energy improved, I ditched my coffee/caffeine habit because I had tapped into other, more sustainable and less draining energy sources like better quality food, yoga, Qi gong, and meditation.

I still occasionally drink a cup of coffee at a wedding or an event to keep me up dancing until WAY after my bedtime, or I’ll enjoy a decaf latte at my local coffee shop, but it’s no longer a daily ritual for me.

I talk about the pros and cons of coffee here: Morning Beverage to get you moving!

Recently, I had a client who also had a daily coffee habit. Only, she was taking coffee much differently… up her butt!

Yup! She was administering coffee enemas 2x daily for an entire year.

She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and told by her doctors that thyroid removal was her only option. But, something about that course of action did NOT resonate with her. So, she hopped on the world wide web and looked for alternative solutions. She read about the benefits of coffee enemas for cancer and started using them to help her body detox quicker and more efficiently.

And, it was working.

Within 6-8 months, her tumor was slowly shrinking.

Something to keep in mind was that she had also changed her diet to organic, wholesome foods that were naturally raised without chemicals and pesticides, which is very smart when you are ready to heal your body and take back your health.

It’s never just one thing that heals (or harms) the body it’s usually a combination of things.

Throughout my 20+ years of using food as medicine, I have also read about the benefits of coffee enemas for detoxification.

Although I do NOT have cancer and do have regular daily bowel movements, I’m a big fan of experimenting with potential healing therapies. So, I gave it a go.

I administered a couple of coffee enemas 1x per month (2 in a row), for 4 months.

It wasn’t hard to do, I just needed to make the time and space for this in my morning routine at the end of each month.

I found that it gave me a surge in physical energy and mental clarity without feeling hyper or addicted to it.

According to the Paleo Mom, who is a doctor that is anti-coffee enemas, it’s because less caffeine is found in the blood after a coffee enema, as opposed to drinking the coffee.

“In fact, one study measured serum caffeine levels in healthy volunteers after drinking a cup of coffee or following Gerson’s coffee enema procedure and found substantially higher amounts of caffeine entered the bloodstream after drinking a cup of coffee.” [1]

For me, I’d rather NOT have the caffeine high.

As I said, I gave that up many years ago. I’m already feeling pretty high due to my improved diet and lifestyle so I don’t need an extra hit of go-go juice. Plus, I believe that regular coffee/caffeine abuse compromises the health of the adrenals and the thyroid.

You can read more about that here: Coffee and Thyroid Disease? Not a good mix!

Today, in the medical community there is a BIG divide over the efficacy and safety of coffee enemas. But, it seems that they used to be a regularly promoted protocol in the original Merck manual which is one of the world’s most trusted medical references:

“Until about 1984, the coffee enema procedure was listed in the famous Merck Manual, which is used as a handbook by physicians the world over.” [2]

So… what changed?

Why was the coffee enema taken out of this essential medical manual after having been in it for almost a century?

It’s certainly something to ponder.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but, I do understand that there is MUCH more money to be reaped by the medical industry and practitioners using chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatments, rather than a patient going home with their diagnosis and administering coffee enemas for mere pennies per day.

Also, I am also very suspicious when ANY medical doctor calls other doctors’ quacks or attempt to dissuade people from using alternative and natural therapies that have been used for centuries for healing, and in some cases for thousands of years. I believe that any doctor calling alternative medicine quackery is himself involved in some sort of quackery and/or indoctrination into a belief system that is based on monetary gain rather than true healing.[3]

We see the world as we are.

The web is littered with both the pro and con camps of various alternative medicines as options for healing.

I’m in the “pro” camp having healed myself an “incurable” thyroid condition over two decades ago using what is considered “quackery” by many mainstream physicians: natural foods, herbs, consciousness, acupuncture, and energy medicine.

You can read more about my thyroid journey here: Radiate my thyroid? No freaking way!

As for the negative side effects of coffee enemas, according to Dr. Linda Isaacs, there have only been a handful recorded in the past century:

“A few case reports of patients who developed electrolyte imbalances or infections after coffee enemas have made some physicians describe them as dangerous. However, the patients described were so ill that the problems blamed on the coffee enemas could have been caused by the patients’ underlying disease.”[4]

If you compare that with the most recent findings in the UK that many people are dying from chemotherapy rather than cancer itself, I’d say it’s a much safer option.

“For the first time, researchers looked at the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting chemotherapy, which indicates that the medication is the cause of death, rather than the cancer. The study looked at more than 23,000 women with breast cancer and nearly 10,000 men with 9634 non-small cell lung cancer who underwent chemotherapy in 2014. Of those treated 1,383 died within 30 days. Chemotherapy is toxic for the body because it does not discriminate between healthy and cancerous cells.”[5]

One interesting thing I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old back in the 1970s…

I woke in the middle of the night with a high fever. I was thrashing around in my bed, feeling dizzy, uncomfortable, and in pain. I cried out for my mom. She woke up, took me into the bathroom and administered a simple warm water enema. Within minutes my fever subsided and I was able to sleep through the night. This was an old-fashioned remedy that worked to bring down fever by a few degrees in a matter of minutes.

Today, this simple cost-effective healing remedy is NOT on most parents’ radar. Instead, they’ve been taught to give children aspirins and other medication to bring down a fever. But, bringing down a fever using medication can contribute to deeper conditions and eventually recurring illnesses.[6]

So, in the end (pun intended here), it’s up to you.

If you want to experiment with coffee enemas for either prevention or healing or just for fun, here are more details about what to do and how to do it properly: Coffee Enemas: Can they fight cancer and detoxify?[7]

For me, and some of the people I work with, I recommend no cream or sugar, just coffee… up your butt.