Hot Toddy!

  • Nate

    Add a bit of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to cut and flush the mucous. It adds a nice kick as well!

  • Erica Hodgson

    I recently had a cold that wouldn’t budge to anything I tried – homeopathics, essential oils, chinese herbs, acupuncture, reiki – nothing. I took two days off and on the first day, I whipped up one of these babies and sat in the sun for vit D and chatted with a neighbor. Ta-Da! Woke up the next morning with the first bit of relief in days! Great suggestion! Thank you!

    • @ericahodgson:disqus awesome! I’m so happy the Hot Toddy’s helped. They are such an old-fashioned classic for clearing a cold. Big hugs to you!

  • Lee

    This looks delicious — I’ll be making one the next chilly Philly day!

  • Cynthia Robinson

    how did you get my grandmothers recipe??? LOL!!! Been making this for years and it really works and tastes pretty good too!

    • @Cindy_Lu_457:disqus your grandma knew best!! It totally works, and I agree… it’s tastes good, too!