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Essential Steps to Healing Thyroid Conditions

If you are one of the millions of people diagnosed with thyroid disease and suffering with weight problems, hair loss, dry skin, exhaustion, disrupted sleep and lack of libido, you'll want to make room in your calendar for my LIVE webinar!

Wednesday, October 12th at 4PM EST - Register HERE
Friday, October 14th 1PM EST - Register HERE

LIVE Webinar and Q&A with Andrea about Healing Your Thyroid

FREE! Monday, October 17th at 8PM EST - Online
Are you fed up with feeling exhausted all of the time, can't seem to lose weight, and lacking sex drive? Join my FREE LIVE webinar to help get your thyroid back on track!
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What’s to Eat?

Fall Pear, Lettuce and Shitake Bacon Salad

Have you ever tried Shitake mushroom bacon? It's crunchy, salty and totally delish!

Cerebral Support Tea

Feeling a little foggy? Try this brain boosting Cerebral Support Tea.