Holistic health options they DON'T want you to find

Since 2020 (actually, since way before then), the medical industrial complex, governments around the world, and social media giants, have colluded with the World Health Organization (WHO) to keep holistic health options suppressed as they pushed ONE method of “cure” onto the population for the virus.

Cure is in quotes because it’s obvious to most folks by now, that the ONE method that was pushed onto and into the masses, didn’t deliver what it promised.

But, it certainly did deliver people into opposing camps:

One thing became abundantly clear to many people over the past few years: the medical industrial complex has been hard at work creating profit and maintaining control over what the masses can search for when it comes to preventing and/or healing illness.

For those of you that don’t know what the medical–industrial complex is, it’s a network of interactions between pharmaceutical corporations, health care personnel, and medical conglomerates to supply health care-related products and services for a profit.[1]

It seems that right now, the World Health Organization is at the head of the Medical Industrial Complex.

What the WHO says, goes. And, anything that steps outside of the WHO’s recommendations is labeled as misinformation.

Here’s a statement from Google, the world’s LARGEST search engine.

“Information is a critical determinant of health. Getting the right information, at the right time can lead to better health outcomes for all. We saw this firsthand with the COVID-19 pandemic when it was difficult for people worldwide to find useful information online. We worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) on a range of efforts to help people make informed decisions about their health — from an SOS alert to surfacing locally relevant content about COVID-19 to YouTube policies on medical misinformation.”[2]

Yes, there certainly was an abundance of medical misinformation that was spread far and wide…  by trusted local health authorities, Google, and the Medical Industrial Complex.

Google recently announced a multi-year collaboration agreement with the WHO to continue promoting the WHO’s guidelines on what is labeled misinformation.

Here’s a statement from Google that will give you more clarity on what is happening:

“To help WHO connect as many people as possible with authoritative information, Google.org awarded the organization more than $320 million in donated Google Search advertising via Ad Grants. This has been Google’s largest Ad Grants donation to a single organization.”[3]

The WHO, with the help of Google, has become the world authority on what people can find on the internet with regards to health.

If you are seeking alternative and holistic health options for any condition, it’s going to get harder and harder to find it.

That doesn’t work for me, and I know it doesn’t work for millions of other holistically minded people that question medical authorities and have been living healthfully and happily outside of the medical industrial complex.

The authoritative narrative being pushed onto the population (just as the shots were) by the world’s largest search engine, doesn’t promote health – it promotes a diseased system that values profit over people.

Can you imagine what Google could have done with 320 million dollars had they actively promoted a healthier diet and lifestyle to the masses?

Wow! That would have been amazing… for the people.

Unfortunately, creating a healthier and happier population doesn’t generate a profit for the medical industrial complex that Google is propping up with the largest grant ever given to an organization.

To top it all off with an unhealthy maraschino cherry on top, the new International Health Regulation Amendments, plus the Pandemic Treaty Agreement that is set to pass in May 2024, the WHO will have edicts that supersede domestic law, making it illegal to promote or find anything other than the WHO’s recommendations.[4]

I believe this is dangerous to good health, and an attack on free speech and medical freedom.

Get educated and take action on what’s happening in the world before using, sharing or teaching alternative/holistic health is deemed unlawful. Learn more about that here: https://doortofreedom.org/what-you-can-do/

If you are seeking alternative and holistic options to prevent and heal disease you are going to have to look much harder as natural healing knowledge gets scrubbed from the internet and locked away (literally).

I’m grateful I got the health education needed to heal my condition naturally, and get out of the disease-care medical system decades ago.

If you are a life-long learner like me, and are interested in discovering natural and holistic ways to heal your body, mind and spirit, I’ve created educational tutorials to guide you.

Learn more about that in my Health is Wealth Community, and reclaim your health now while you still can.

Only then can you break free from the Medical Industrial Complex and the authoritarians that put profits over people.

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