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Do you want to create delicious healing recipes for yourself and your clients??


 Can you relate to the below? 

  • I lack confidence showing clients how to cook to improve their health.
  •  I NEVER have time to cook.
  • How can I make healthy food taste better? 
  • It's easier for me to buy pre-made food than cook.
  • I'm ready to heal my body by eating well, but don't know where to start. 
  • My passion is cooking, but I cannot afford getting a certification.
  • I need new recipes and content on natural healing to share with clients.  
  • I want to enhance my cooking skills to support my health and the health of my clients.
  • I need to understand food and healing better.

It's time to put your culinary skills to work to improve your health.

This program is excellent for:

  • Health and Wellness Practitioners 
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal chefs
  • Health Coaches 
  •  Life Coaches 
  • Herbalists
  • Aspiring chefs
  • Care takers/ home makers
  • Anyone looking to expand their cooking and wellness background 

Cooking is gift to yourself and others. See how students took advantage of this training. 

"This set of classes have been a blast to watch and very informative . Andrea explains everything so everyone can understand. She is a joy to listen to and watch. Tons of information to grasp but she makes it easy. It was helpful to understand what organs and functions work in harmony with each other. Andrea was a joy to listen to and to watch. She was very informative and full of positive energy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge". - Roxanne Schipritt

"Andrea classes are very detailed and easy to follow. She has a wealth of knowledge and makes it practical to implement. I feel so fluid when I follow her advice. Sometimes teachers can come across as rigid, but Andrea remains very flexible and always has recommendations for how to apply this information that works for you and is transforming to your health. I'd recommend taking this course if you want to learn how to cook to improve your health conditions naturally". - Simone Turner

"I took some of the classes separately and now since it was made as one Certification class, I gotta say THANK YOU Andrea and learn it live. I truly enjoyed the lessons and had fun doing quizzes that followed each one of them. Great and entertaining classes and I suggest it to everyone who is interested in better health". - Ladislava Siozios


Program Overview

CLASS 1: Cooking for Heart Health

Cholesterol is a word most people associate with heart disease. But, did you know that when properly balanced, cholesterol actually protects your body? Explore the cooler side of cardiovascular health and how to heal your heart, naturally. You'll discover the specific foods and cooking techniques that can actually contribute to heart disease. Even better! Learn about the delicious foods that can support heart health and watch a couple of great recipes being prepared that you can taste and try on your own.

CLASS 2: Cooking to Support Kidneys

1 in 3 adults are currently at risk for developing some type of kidney disease. The kidneys are essential for eliminating metabolic waste, as well as are responsible for the health of our bones, immunity and vitality.  

Be prepared this season to keep your kidneys healthy and strong. This class will show you exactly what are the best foods to buy this season and how to prepare them for kidney health. We'll also cover the essential herbs needed for optimum kidney function. 

CLASS 3: Healing Candida

Candida Albicans is the helpful yeast that thrive in a healthy human gut assisting in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Unfortunately, for millions of people, sometimes this normally cooperative fungus surges out of control and digests ALL of our nutrients for its own survival. This leaves us filled with toxic waste, exhausted and susceptible to many ailments.

Learn how to weaken the yeast (not kill it entirely) and strengthen the ileocecal valve during the process with foods, herbal remedies, and daily lifestyle changes. 

CLASS 4: Supporting Gut Health

There are many simple ways to support the health of your digestive system. Join Andrea where she will share astringent, toning and demulcent herbs, to increase functionality of the intestines. Plus the better bitter foods and herbs to stimulate the release of digestive fluids so you can absorb the food you are eating. Don't get stuck with a malfunctioning gut.  

Learn the recipes and herbal remedies to heal your gut!

CLASS 5: Love Your Liver

The liver is a hardworking organ! Here are a few of it's BIG jobs: Cleans your blood Produces bile for digestion of fats Stores energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen Breaks down the fat-soluble toxins in your blood 

BUT, if the liver is overworked, congested or simply not feeling well, you'll feel it too and all of your bodily systems can be negatively affected. Discover the best foods that can nourish your liver and cleanse this organ system to improve your health.

CLASS 6: Nourish Your Adrenals  

Whether you are healthy or not, anyone can experience adrenal fatigue at some point in their life. Nutrient deficiencies, inadequate rest, a life crisis or too many pressures, can all drain the adrenals of even the healthiest person.  

Learn delicious recipes for optimizing adrenal health, plus herbal adaptogens to help you deal with stress more effectively. The quality of our health depends on the optimum functioning of our adrenals.  

CLASS 7: Culinary Herbs as Medicine

Culinary herbs not only enhance the flavor of what you are eating, they have been traditionally used for a variety of medicinal reasons, plus improve digestibility of food.  

Join Andrea where you will learn how incorporating herbs can improve your overall health by calming the digestive system, enhancing absorption of nutrients, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and so much more! It's time to get to know your kitchen herbs for the powerful medicine they truly are.

CLASS 8: Delicious Recipes & Herbal Remedies for Thyroid Health

Did you know there are many foods that can disrupt thyroid function unless they are properly prepared? Don't get knocked out by the latest nutritional fad! Learn what to eat and how to prepare it for the sake of your thyroid health.  

You'll learn the best natural remedies and foods to support proper functioning of your thyroid gland. Andrea will cover easy and delicious recipes you can prepare at home to have you feeling your best.

CLASS 9: Cooking for Winter Health and Immunity

The average adult will get 2-4 colds per year. Prepare yourself this season with the right foods and herbs to nourish your body and avoid those nasty winter colds.  

This class will show you exactly the best foods to buy this winter season and how to prepare them for optimum health. Andrea will also cover what essential herbs are needed to boost your immunity to prevent any oncoming respiratory ailments. 

CLASS 10: Eliminate Chronic Fatigue and Boost Energy

Millions of people are suffering with chronic fatigue symptoms, that depletes their energy levels, leaving them feeling exhausted, and contributing to serious health concerns. Learn to cook the best foods to increase your energy and vitality!  

Andrea will share delicious recipes and ways you can incorporate energy boosting meals into your everyday life.

Holistic Health Cooking Certification

Get Access to the Full Program

10 Engaging Packed Cooking Classes

  • Cooking for Heart Health
  • Cooking to Support Kidneys
  • Healing Candida
  • Supporting Gut Health
  • Love Your Liver
  • Nourish Your Adrenals  
  • Culinary Herbs as Medicine
  • Delicious Recipes & Herbal Remedies for Thyroid Health
  • Cooking for Winter Health and Immunity
  • Eliminate Chronic Fatigue and Boost Energy


  • Recipes 
  • Tips to heal the body through food
  • Downloadable and printable certification
  • Knowledge on herbal remedies and organic, locally grown foods
Yes I Want Access To The Program!

Price: $300

If you have any questions or concerns about the program email me at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Here's a Look at What You'll Learn

  • What foods are necessary for healing specific organs
  • Why preparation of food is just an important as what you eat.
  • Quality cooking oils, fats and seasonings .
  • Where you can purchase certain items that you might not find in your local grocery store
  • How to shop for sustainable food to feed yourself, family and/or clients
  • How to properly store herbs for healing the body
  • Natural remedies found in your pantry/kitchen to help improve specific illnesses
  • How to prepare specific meals to boost your immunity for the season ahead

Let Me Show You How to:

  • Select the foods and herbs needed to cleanse specific organs
  • Efficiently cut, chop, dice, or slice in a fast and safe way
  • Distinguish between which herbs and foods are needed to nourish each organ
  • Store herbs for longer lasting use
  • Use leftovers as delicious new meals 
  • Correctly saute, steam, bake, fry, or broil based on what you are preparing
  • Confidently answer questions a client may have on how to cook and eat quality foods
  • Cook like a pro in the kitchen

The best part is that these classes will benefit your overall health and business.

Hello, I'm Andrea Beaman. As a successful health coach and chef, I sustain a thriving business teaching others how to cook delicious health-supportive food.  

My experiences and background over the last 20 years as a Natural Foods Chef, herbalist, author, and health educator dedicated to alternative healing and sustainable living, will give you the tools you need to attain better health through cooking. Successfully healing my incurable thyroid disease with health-promoting foods, herbs, lifestyle improvements, and other natural therapies was the catalyst that transformed my life, health and profession. I'm passionate about sharing this information with others so they can heal, too.  

Experience and Distinctions Andrea Beaman is an internationally renowned Holistic Health Coach, Natural Foods Chef, Speaker and Herbalist. Named one of the top 100 Most Influential Health and Fitness Experts, she is also a recipient of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Award for Excellence in Health-Supportive Education and a Health Leadership award from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Since 1999, Andrea has been teaching people how to harness the body’s own preventative and healing powers using food, herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Holistic Health Coaching Certification

Who should sign up for the program? The program is designed for nutritionists, holistic health professionals, personal chefs, and any health professional looking to take care of people via a holistic food approach rather than prescription medication.

My schedule is busy! Will this certification program be too much to handle? This program was designed for busy individuals! There is no time frame to complete all the classes and exams. Plus! All of the cooking classes are recorded for you to watch at your convenience. 

How many hours should we anticipate spending on this certification program? We recommend dedicating approximately 2-5 hours a week.

Where is the program hosted online? Learn it Live (LIL). This online platform powers online education for organizations around the world. Andrea uses LIL to broadcast and record her Holistic Health Cooking Certification program and many other individual cooking classes.  

How long will I have access to the classes? Students can log into their LIL account to review the classes and download the learning content whenever they want and is available to them forever. 

Do I need to create a LIL account to start the program? How do I do that? Yes, and it is very simple. Visit, select the “Log In” button at the top right. Below the fields of the pop up to login or register, check off the box that says “Is this a new account and hit the green button “Enter site”.

Are there exams we need to complete in order to receive our certification? Yes, there are 10 multiple choice questions per class that need to be completed before receiving your certification.  

What is the passing score necessary for each test? Students need to receive an 80% or higher in order to move on to the next class. If you fail any of the exams, you will be given the opportunity to complete the exam again another time.  

Are any of the certification cooking classes live? No, all of the classes for this certification are recorded for you to watch at your convenience. Andrea does offer monthly cooking classes outside of the certification that are live if you are interested visit Learn it Live.

Can you watch the cooking classes, from your phone or do you need to be at a computer? You can watch the recorded classes on your mobile device with any browser without an issue.

After completing the certification, are students considered trained chefs? We do not recommend the students claiming to be chefs for receiving this certification only, as the content was not hands on for the student.

How do we market our certification once received? We recommend students share with their audience the dedicated hours spent to their certification. Plus, the wealth of knowledge learned from a seasoned pro and knowledge and tools gained to use in their own personal and professional endeavors.  

How do I know I’m getting a big bang for my buck?  

  • 10 highly informative classes filled with healing wisdom 
  • 1 Bonus class for extra support 
  • 10 downloadable presentations 
  • Hours of delicious content and easy recipes
  • Downloadable certificate of completion
  • Priceless knowledge for a lifetime of wellness 

Your Cost: $300

"Andrea's class is so much more than cooking. She shares so much valuable information while she's cooking. Incredible teacher"! - Camille LoParrino

"This class was very informative and had great recipes, very interesting info". - Steph Gomes

"Informative and fun, love the way she give the class". - Victor Cepeda 

"Enjoyed seeing the recipes prepared as well as hearing about the nutrients". - Angie Westmoreland

"Love these classes! Andrea is a great instructor - she has great energy"! - Kim Miller

"Excellent energy and information! Thank you for the education and opportunity! I look forward to learning more from you"! - Sarah Tallwhiteman

Holistic Health Cooking Certification