Hey Michelle Obama! What Did You Do Now?

Hey Michelle Obama! What Did You Do Now?

I’m not into politics. Really.

I vote with dollars and my food purchases, not at the polls.

But, I gotta tell ya… I really like Michelle Obama’s food sense.

A few years ago she launched Let’s Move. A program that teaches kids and their parents the importance of moving their butts and eating better food otherwise the economic health and security of our nation is at stake.

With over one-third of the population diagnosed obese, it’s just a matter of time before America sinks into the ocean (figuratively speaking) unable to support the weight of its gluttony.

If we are unhealthy in body, we may be unhealthy in mind and spirit as well. A nation of fat, sick and depressed people can be a HUGE drain on our resources and our strength.

Michelle also planted an “organic” garden at The White House. Ahhhhh, an earthmother, disguised as a politician!

I love that she dug deep and got reconnected to the earth, and back to the very mother that supports us all. She recieved some serious flack from the big chemical companies about her little garden that doesn’t use pesticides and herbicides.[1]

I know her garden is not certified “USDA organic,” but that’s okay. Any garden that is clean and pure and not doused in chemicals is akin to the Garden of Eden to me.

Now she’s at it again! Michelle has taken on the notorious food labeling system. Most folks don’t realize that the portions of food they are being fed may NOT be the best size for the sake of their health and well being.

Her new labeling system also makes it pretty clear how much sugar and calories something contains. Very smart!

This new move has the manufacturers of food products a wee bit angry. But, that’s okay.

Michelle, I want you to know that I got your back. And, I know that thousands of Health Coaches around the world have got your back, too.

You’re speaking the language we understand and promote on a daily basis… “You are what you eat.”

For the next go round maybe you could consider adding these two ideas for the new labeling system as well:

  • How much love went into the making of that food product? It could be an outline of a heart on the package. If the heart is filled in, then a whole lotta love went into the making of that food. If the heart is empty… well… it may have a similar effect on the person eating it.
  • Was that food naturally grown or grown in a laboratory? A simple yellow smiley face would work. The more natural the product, the bigger the smile.

I’m sure your hubby knows how important your work is to the health and happiness of the people in this country, and to people around the world. America is a BIG influence on many countries.

From one earth mother to another… keep up the great work!

[1] http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-war-over-michelle-obamas-sort-of-organic-white-house-garden/