Healthy View Radio Episode 48: About To Burn Out? Find Out with Michelle Pfennighaus

Has your once-buzzing energy come to a screeching halt? You’re not alone, sister. So many people today are experiencing burnout, whether it’s  the stress of work, family, or the environment – it’s always there! On this episode of Healthy View Radio, our very own Michelle Pfennighaus brought us her story of how a fast-paced life in the advertising industry led her down an anxiety-inducing path. Thankfully, it eventually led her to becoming a health coach, and helping others find the same relief. She shared warning signs of burnout, how we can prevent it from happening, and offers up a quiz to see if we’re on the dangerous road to burnout.

Your hosts:
Michelle Pfennighaus – https://FindYourBalanceHealth.com
Andrea Beaman – https://AndreaBeaman.com
Lisa Lewtan – https://HealthyHappyandHip.com

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