Healthy View Radio Episode 45: Food Sanity with Dr. David Friedman

Does figuring out the right food to eat make you nuts? We can relate! From meal replacement shakes to fad diets to conflicting nutrition headlines, knowing what’s good to eat can be downright confusing. On this episode of Healthy View Radio, Dr. David Friedman, #1 national bestselling author of Food Sanity, joined us to help us debunk the food myths and dig deeper into what we’re putting onto our plates. We talked Public Enemy No. 1 when it comes to food, why we should avoid vitamins and supplements, and what the real deal is on everything from dairy to pork, fish, and beef, so dinner doesn’t have to make you so dang crazy!

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Michelle Pfennighaus – https://FindYourBalanceHealth.com
Andrea Beaman – https://AndreaBeaman.com
Lisa Lewtan – https://HealthyHappyandHip.com

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Our guests:

Dr. David Friedman – https://foodsanity.com

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