Healthy View Radio Episode 43: Healing Chronic Disease Without Breaking the Bank with Madiha Saeed

Chronic illness is more common than you think, and we often overlook symptoms that we assume to be “normal.” From the ingredients in our food to air pollution, there are plenty of contributors to chronic disease. Egads! To help solve our chronic woes we interviewed Madiha Saeed, a board-certified family physician and author of the best-selling book The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease. She shared her struggles with lupus and Hashimoto’s Disease as a new mom working 80 hours a week and going to med school. And, she inspired our audience sharing how she broke out of the conventional medical box to help herself and others heal their chronic conditions.

Health Coach Sherry Khachatryan also joined us to talk about how her career as a former nurse led her into health coaching, where she could actually see healing success stories come to fruition. Make sure to visit her website for a free ebook: 10 Ways To Live A Dynamic Life.

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Our guests:

Madiha Saeed – FREE guide: Healing Eats at https://holisticmommd.com

Sherry Khachatryan – luv-health.com

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