Healthy View Radio Episode 39: Thriving Through Adversity with Steve Gavatorta

This episode is all about thriving through adversity. Oy! We shared how we’ve coped with our hardest days, and we brought on Steve Gavatorta, author of In Defense of Adversity: Turning Your Toughest Challenges into Your Greatest Successes, to talk about the best ways to help you make it through the storm. He offered his best tips on overcoming adversity, and shared how important it is to look at every setback as an opportunity. Ain’t it the truth!

Tiffany Daniel has faced plenty of adversity in her time in the army and beyond as well. She is a nurse, veteran, crisis center case advocacy counselor, health/wellness coach, owner of Curves in Ft. Washington, MD, among her many titles, and shared what led her to putting on her many hats.

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Our guests:

Steve Gavatorta – gavatorta.com

Tiffany Daniel

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