Healthy View Radio Episode 37: Thriving with Autoimmunity with Holly Bertone

Is it a mistake when your body turns on itself? This episode deals with autoimmune disease and we explored the many reasons these conditions are becoming more prevalent, especially among women. Holly Bertone, president and CEO of Pink Fortitude and bestselling author of Thriving in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease, joined us to talk about the challenges she experienced as a breast cancer survivor with Hashimoto’s disease, as well as the legal protections that are available for people suffering with chronic illness at work.

We were also joined by holistic health coach Tessa Dowell, who helps women at midlife connect to their inner wisdom. After a cervical cancer diagnosis and complete hysterectomy at age 33, Tessa learned how negativity impacts your body and she now devotes her life to helping others raise their vibrational feelings for better health.

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Our guests:

Holly Bertone – pinkfortitude.com/thank

Tessa Dowell – beingbeautifullybalanced.com

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