Healthy View Radio Episode 29: Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed with Lisa Lewtan

Busy, stressed, and food-obsessed—is this way of living sustainable for us? Today we interviewed our very own Lisa Lewtan, who went from being an on-the-go tech entrepreneur with chronic stress and anxiety to reclaiming her health and beginning anew as a Mindset and Lifestyle Coach. We chat about our strategies for coping with our non-stop modern world, combating the busy factor, and why it’s so important to rest and rejuvenate.

Author and Certified Holistic Health Coach Donna Markussen also joins us to talk about her book, Finding My Way: Facing My Journey With Courage, and how she overcame numerous health challenges in her life, including breast cancer.

Your hosts:
Michelle Pfennighaus – https://FindYourBalanceHealth.com
Andrea Beaman – https://AndreaBeaman.com
Lisa Lewtan – https://HealthyHappyandHip.com

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Our guests:
Donna Markussen – https://findingyourhealth.com
Book: https://www.amazon.com/Finding-My-Way-Journey-Courage/dp/1543115217
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