Healthy View Radio Episode 26: The Ketogenic Diet with Leanne Vogel

You’ve got keto questions, we’ve got answers. If you’ve been wondering what the ketogenic diet is all about, Leanne Vogel, podcast host and author of The Keto Diet, is here to talk about who can benefit from the high-fat way of eating, its official rules, what “carb-ups” can do for you, and the difference between simply eating more fat and going into ketogenesis. We also discuss our experiences with the keto diet, and the dreaded keto flu.

Onto the #2 topic, CEO and co-creator of our favorite bathroom buddy, the Squatty Potty, joins us to talk about how his stool has helped change our digestive lives. We learn how he and his mother created their best-selling product and how it can give you the best poops of your life ?

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Leanne Vogel – healthfulpursuit.com

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