Healthy View Radio Episode 23: Cure Your Cravings with Julia Ross

Was the last thing you ate a product of A+ meal planning or the result of mid-day cravings? That’s the beat on today’s show where we talk all of the foods we have a hankering for and why. Nutrient Therapy Pioneer and Craving Expert Julia Ross joins in to discuss the official definition of a craving, the five different appetite regulators in the brain, and how we can supplement with amino acids to reduce our food urges.

We also welcome Kay Cole to the show, an IIN Health Coach and owner of Blue Zone Wellness who helps women find their way, about the process she’s going through writing her new book.

Your hosts:

Michelle Pfennighaus – https://FindYourBalanceHealth.com
Andrea Beaman – https://AndreaBeaman.com
Lisa Lewtan – https://HealthyHappyandHip.com

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Our Guests:

Julia Ross – https://cravingcure.com
Kay Cole – blue-zone-wellness.com

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