Healthy View Radio Episode 21: Addicted to Food with Susan Peirce Thompson

Might as well face it, we’re addicted to sugar… or in Michelle’s case, Wheat Thins! Today’s show focuses on food addiction and our hosts chat about their own experiences and coping mechanisms. Learn how gut bacteria affects our cravings, the addictive qualities of artificial sweeteners, and so much more with our guest Susan Peirce Thompson, an expert in the psychology of eating. She chats about the dangers of sugar and flour and how they impact our brains like drugs, the importance of chewing food vs. blending, the susceptibility scale of addiction, and the top three most addictive foods (is your favorite on the list?).

Also on today’s show is president and CEO of Giovanni Cosmetics, James Guidotti to talk about how the company started and what qualifies products as all-natural.

YYour hosts:

Michelle Pfennighaus –
Andrea Beaman –
Lisa Lewtan –

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Our Guests:

Susan Peirce Thompson
James Guidotti

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