Healthy View Radio Ep1: Decluttering with Tracy McCubbin

In today’s show, you’ll meet the hosts of Healthy View Radio, Lisa Lewtan, Andrea Beaman and Michelle Pfennighaus, in a discussion about something we could all use a little less of in our lives — CLUTTER!

Our internal environment mirrors external environment, so when we start cleaning up our diets, we tend to want to do the same with our homes, but why is getting rid of things we don’t need so hard?? Our featured guest today is the “obsessive-compulsive delightful” Tracy McCubbin, leading decluttering expert and the Founder and CEO of dClutterfly, her “livable organization” service. She helps us identify and wade through what’s holding us back from a tidier life. You might even unearth those Marie Kondo books you lost under a pile of clothes you meant to donate!

In this episode, Tracy talks about:

  • Creating peace of mind in your home through realistic organizational habits.
  • Reframing your thinking about the things you own.
  • When to know you have a bit of a hoarding problem, exactly what to do about it, and WHEN.

What’s new and good this week? Meet holistic health coach and former ballerina Jessica Spinner of The Whole Dancer, whose programs teach dance/life balance and examines our relationships with food (but not pirouettes, sorry!).

Mentioned resources:

Tracey McCubbin
 Jessica Spinner
Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
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