Healthcare is failing. Where do people go for new healing options?

I watched an interview with a couple of doctors that are trying to heal the doctor/patient relationship as we move forward from the pandemic.

As witnessed over the past few years, most doctors working inside the medical system blindly followed a protocol that was given to them as the “treatment” for covid. In the end, that treatment may have caused much more harm to the people who were under their care.

The interview spoke to the millions of people who relied on mainstream medicine for their healthcare. They trusted their doctors, the CDC, and the health authorities, and followed the recommendations to stay at home, social distance, mask up, and get the shot when it became available.

It was terrible advice.

Those recommendations did NOTHING to support people’s health and wellness. Instead, it instilled fear, encouraged isolation, and promoted compliance to take the shot or lose your job.

The truth is… mainstream medicine has been hijacked by Big Pharma.

Most of us in the alternative health community already know this – but many folks are just now realizing it.

Our modern medical model creates huge profits for the folks invested in Big Pharma, but the people (patients) entrenched in that system continually suffer with ill health that grows worse with each intervention.

It’s a revolving door of sickness that needs disease to keep it spinning.

The blessing of the pandemic is that a revealing light has been shined upon this dark area in mainstream medicine.

More and more people are questioning if what they are being offered is actually in their best interest.

I am grateful that I questioned the medical protocol that was offered to me in 1996. If I hadn’t questioned it, I would NOT have my health or my thyroid today. I would have been just another statistic, chained to a medication for the rest of my life like so many other people in the world.

Waking up and getting OUT of that disease-promoting system is one of the main reasons why I became a health coach.

And, many people after their experience with Covid, have realized that they are NOT going to get good health advice from practitioners who are trapped inside a corrupt medical system.

These people are actively seeking independent doctors, alternative health practitioners, and natural healing modalities that can offer them something else.

That something else is empowerment about their health, and prevention of disease by making better diet and lifestyle decisions.

This is why I created my Health is Wealth Community. You get access to natural and alternative health knowledge to heal what’s ailing you, and more importantly, to take your power back.

Take a peek here. If it calls to you, join us on the inside where you can make a difference in your own health and happiness.