Healing the WHOLE Body

iStock_000008534640SmallThe father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, taught that disease was the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits.

He wisely said, “first consider the nature of man: then consider his food, environment, customs and mode of life. We view the whole man. Not his disease.”

When I was diagnosed with incurable Thyroid Disease my doctors did not view me in my entirety – they didn’t question my diet, my lifestyle, or my relationship to nature.

They saw the symptoms of my disease and therefore could only see one small piece of the puzzle. The truth is, my entire system was out of balance on many levels.

My diet was crap, my lifestyle was chaotic, I had no connection to nature and my environment, and my relationship to my “self” was in disharmony.

All of these factors contributed to my bodily dysfunctions.

Modern medicine is designed to detect disease and then treat the symptoms of that disease. It’s a good system for detection, but it is incomplete when it comes to healing. It neglects environmental factors, nature, food, and living habits of the patient.

This is a reversed model from what ancient healers understood.  Without a basic understanding of where and how the disease originated, true healing cannot begin.

Human beings are out of balance on many levels. We have disconnected from the earth we’re living on and have no concept of how the ground beneath our feet can actually recharge us and improve our energy levels… just as it does for every other living thing on the planet.

We’ve also lost our connection to our daily food and living habits. Which is apparent in the fast food we’re consuming and the high-stressed lifestyle we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

And, most importantly we have lost connection to our selves as miraculous creations in the universe. The human body is an amazing design and it is perfectly suited for our survival. Once we “get” that, we can begin honoring the body, and hear what it is saying to us through our many symptoms and imbalances.

Millions of us are chronically suffering with many preventable diseases such as cancer, arthritis, immune deficiencies, infertility, diabetes, digestive disorders (IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Candida), thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, and other bodily dysfunctions. Our disconnection from the WHOLE body may be one of the big reasons.

Paracelsus, a German physician and alchemist said, “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”

Ancient healers understood the inner workings of the body and were able to alter the progression of disease, returning the patient to a balanced condition.  One of the ways they did this was by aligning the human being back to nature, and their connection to the environment. They understood we are connected to nature as the provider of the organic materials that make up our body.

Classic Ayurvedic teachings and Traditional Chinese medicine both advise that human beings are a part of the whole universe and are not separate from nature, but are part of nature.

But, we don’t follow the laws of nature. We think we are smarter than nature.  And, this is one of our main causes of disease… we are arrogant!

An Arabian proverb says, “arrogance diminishes wisdom.”

Ancient healers applied the elements and cycles of nature to our human existence to help restore health, happiness and deeper connection to everything.

For us modern folks to heal our current health crises, we need to relearn some of that ancient wisdom. It was only in looking at the BIG picture that my own body began the process of healing.

It’s time to reconnect to some timeless wisdom.

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  • Heidi Coppola

    Is this available online?. If not do you have another seminar that is similar available online ?. Thank you

    • @Heidi Coppola – yes, the whole class is online. You never have to leave the comfort of your home. 🙂

  • pjs

    Will this class be taught again? and when? I’m sorry I missed Saturday’s class 🙁

    • @pjs – if you sign up for the class they will send you the recording of it. And, you can hop onto the 2nd part next Saturday.

  • anonymous

    Hi Andrea, you talk about healing different ailments in the body. I have never heard from so many doctors that I am visiting for my condition who said that I can heal/cure my arthritis. I have severe arthritis in the whole spine that affects the right side of my body due to some severe repeated injuries. I am just trying to manage day to day, which is not even manageable. However when you write about healing and curing conditons not just managing them I am curious, as much as I want to believe I am in disbelief. Can arthritis be really healed, if so I am willing to do anything to be free of pain. Can you suggest any classes that you teach on healing this conditions and is it worth for me to take this class. I am 36 year old, feeling like a 60 yealr old in this body. Can you please share some advice.

    • @anonymous – yes, I believe as long as you are breathing you can improve/heal any condition on some level: the physical, the spiritual, the energetic and/or the emotional. You are young, 36 years, arthritis is a rare condition for someone your age. I would suggest eliminating sugar from your diet as well as taking up some type of energy classes like tai chi or QiGong to help your blood move more freely around your body. As well as improve your overall diet. You can read about improving your diet in any of my books.

  • anonymous

    Hi Andrea just came upon your sight and think I may have found my answers. I have had many things going on with me and can’t seem to pinpoint answers. Have had digestive problems did testing on liver, gall bladder upper and lower gi and several blood tests. I have found out my bilirubin is elevated so my liver probably is not quite right but they say this is nothing to worry about. They don’t realize how much of a worrier I am. I am also going through menapause and my hair is really thinning. No real answers for what to do about that either. Just wondering about maybe a liver detox or if that is something I should do. I really need to start eating better too. Any suggestions on what I could do or take?

    • @anonymous – Your answer is in your question. You said, “I really need to start eating better too.” Start there, and things may naturally begin to resolve themselves. Also, the liver loves “stretching” exercises. Do some stretching.

  • Adrienne Primrose

    Hi Andrea….I signed up for this but wasn’t able to get on for one reason or another (I’m not sure what happened). I paid for it but was not able to view it in the end. How can I get this to view it? Thank you!

    • @adrienneprimrose:disqus – The “Healing the Whole Body” course was put on by the New York Open Center (I was the teacher for the course). You have to contact them directly so they can give you access to the recording. Details below: http://www.opencenter.org 212-219-2527 ext. 100.

  • Adrienne Primrose

    Thank you Andrea! I will call them tomorrow! Have a blissful evening! 🙂

  • Cecil Buckhannon Jr

    This is an amazing way to explain how the holistic approach is so beneficial.