Healing the WHOLE Body

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, taught that disease was the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits.

He wisely said, “first consider the nature of man: then consider his food, environment, customs and mode of life. We view the whole man. Not his disease.”

When I was diagnosed with incurable Thyroid Disease my doctors did not view me in my entirety – they didn’t question my diet, my lifestyle, or my relationship to my environment or nature.

They saw my disease and therefore could only see one small piece of the puzzle.

The truth is, my entire system was out of balance on many levels.

My diet was crap, my lifestyle was chaotic, I had no connection to nature and my environment, and my relationship to my “self” was in disharmony.

All of these factors contributed to my disease.

Modern medicine detects disease and then suppresses the symptoms. It’s a good system for detection, but not so good for healing. It neglects environmental factors, nature, food, emotional connection to self, and the living habits of the patient.

This is a reversed model from what ancient healers understood.

Without a basic understanding of where and how the disease originated (body, mind, spirit), true healing cannot begin.

Human beings are out of balance on many levels.

We have disconnected from the earth we’re living on and have no concept of how the ground beneath our feet can actually recharge us and improve our energy levels… just as it does for every other living thing on the planet.

We’ve lost our connection to our daily food and living habits. Which is apparent in the fast food we’re consuming and the high-stressed lifestyle we’re living.

And, most importantly we have lost connection to our selves as miraculous creations in the universe.

The human body is perfectly designed. Once we “get” that, we can begin honoring the body and listen to what it is saying to us.

Millions of people are chronically suffering with preventable diseases such as cancer, arthritis, immune deficiencies, infertility, diabetes, digestive disorders (IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Candida), thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, and other bodily dysfunctions.

Our disconnection from the WHOLE body and the big picture of our health is one of the big reasons.

Paracelsus, a German physician and alchemist said, “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”

Ancient healers understood the inner workings of the body, mind and spirit, and were able to alter the progression of disease, returning the patient to a more balanced condition. Classic Ayurvedic teachings and Traditional Chinese medicine both advise that human beings are a part of the whole universe and are not separate from it.

This is a big concept.

When we apply the elements and cycles of nature to the human body it helps restore health, happiness, and a deeper connection to everything. This is true health-care.

For us modern folks to heal our current health crises, we need to relearn some of that time-tested wisdom.

It’s time for a new age of healthcare, and it starts by connecting to the wisdom of the ancient healers.

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