Have You Tried Replenishing Your Energy with Massage?

One of the problems with living in a fast-paced city like New York, where I live, is that there is no time to slow down and take a break.

This can be highly detrimental to good health.

Human beings are not designed to be on constant go. We are not robots. We need to take breaks to rest, sleep and eat. It helps us replenish our energy.

I always encourage my clients and students to schedule time into their busy life for massage. And, they are often resistant.

They think that getting a massage is “indulgent.”

But, what they don’t know is that if they give themselves the gift of relaxation and improved lymphatic flow (just two of the many benefits of massage), they will come back to their regularly scheduled life with more energy and vitality.

My friend Donna jokes that I am like “Kobe Beef.” I certainly don’t get a daily massage like the Kobe Beef cows in Japan, but I do get massaged on a regular basis. For me, that means bi-monthly. It’s part of my self-care routine. And, the more I work, the more I put myself into someone else’s skilled hands to help my body relax and rebalance.

There are many places you can go to get a good replenishing massage; private practitioner, spa, and even a nail salon (foot massage during pedicure and shoulder massage while nails are drying).

I recently discovered a new spa that I really liked: Naturopathica.

First and foremost, they used great quality products on my skin. When I’m getting massaged, I want to know that the oils being slathered on the largest organ in my body are non-toxic because I’m going to be absorbing them. The Naturopathica product line contains organic herbs, natural botanicals and essential oils. That works for me!

Plus, as an added bonus, the woman that massaged me asked what type of tea I would like to sip on at the end of my treatment. I chose the muscle and joint tea. After I finished receiving 60 minutes of their signature massage and some great quality relaxation time, a French press filled with Muscle and Join tea was waiting for me. It contained hibiscus, yerba mate, turmeric, ginger and anise.

That was a really nice way to finish my treatment.

If you live or work in the NYC area, check out Naturopathica, and schedule some time for rest, rejuvenation and self-care. If you’re a first time customer, you get 20% off your spa treatment.

You are worth it!

Now… stop slacking and get your butt back to work!