Have you tried fasting? It's the best way to cleanse your body and get clear of emotional waste.

People always want to know about various types of cleanses. They ask if I think they should do a liver cleanse or a kidney cleanse, and if yes, for how long.

I think cleansing is great.

We could all use a thorough cleansing of our organs and bodily systems.

Especially, because of the toxic environment we have created; our air, food, and water have all been contaminated, and we absorb that on a cellular level.

But, I digress…

There is another part of us that needs to be cleansed, and people are more often than not, unaware that it would probably make them feel much better, and bring profound clarity.

It’s an emotional cleansing.

Let me explain.

Throughout human history, there have been times of fasting.

Abstaining from food entirely was more often than not, a time to reflect, to go within, and seek spiritual guidance, so to speak. It was a time to get the insight needed about a current dilemma, or clarity about your life, and what you need to next.

But, for most of us, focusing on cleansing the physical body with food is what we default to.

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the physical struggles you are experiencing right now are stemming from emotional stagnation rather than physical; a back up of emotional waste that needs to be cleared.

One of the best ways to gain insight about your body’s emotional waste is through quiet contemplation. And, that happens BEST when you free up the physical body by not giving it any food.

Let’s take a look at emotional eating for example.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “he or she is an emotional eater.” But, what exactly does that mean?

When someone is feeling angry, stressed, frustrated, anxious or worried, they often reach out for a physical substance like food, alcohol, and/or drugs.

The process of breaking down, absorbing and eliminating any substance puts the body into a physiological state of action, and that creates “noise.”

When that happens, you cannot hear what the emotional body is saying.

The physical body, dense with matter is solid, heavy and noisy. You need to quiet down the physiological processes to hear what the emotional body is saying, or trying to say.

When we stop eating food, the emotional body has the opportunity to bubble up to the surface.

Often, people do NOT want to hear, feel or recognize that emotional part of themselves, and the easiest thing to do is fill up the physical body with a material substance that drowns out the emotions.

You know it’s time for an emotional cleanse or fast when you’re feeling:

  • Anxious
  • Angry
  • Worried
  • Bitter
  • Resentful
  • Frustrated
  • Stuck
  • Overwhelmed

Yes, of course, you can do a liver cleanse or kidney cleanse, but you may be better off sitting quietly, without any food, and listening to what comes up.

What is emotionally gnawing at you?

It’s in a quiet body that you’ll be able to hear what you need.

When I’m feeling out of sorts, I sit for chakra meditation. It’s a meditation that helps clear the emotional centers (chakras).

I like this one, Guided Chakra Balancing by Greg De Vries. I do it on an empty stomach after I’ve been fasting throughout the night. Most often, it helps me feel better, but sometimes it doesn’t.

When I’m feeling stuck in any one emotion that’s when I opt to fast for longer periods of time… more than just overnight.

What works best when I’m feeling emotionally imbalanced is a 24 – 72 hour fast. It helps clear both physical and emotional stagnation.

During the first 24 hours, I’m usually angry as heck! Abstaining from food makes me “hangry!”

But, beyond day one it actually starts getting better. Much better!

Less time spent eating, digesting and thinking about my next meal, frees up my time and energy to focus on other aspects of myself that I may have been neglecting, or that need attention.

I always receive clarity after fasting, and highly recommend it as an “emotional cleanse.”

When you understand what it is that’s eating away at you, you can opt to make shifts in your emotional behavior patterns.

Instead of reaching out for a slice of pizza, or the next “organ cleanse”, get the help and support needed for your situation:

  • Hire a therapist
  • Work with a life coach or health coach
  • Take an emotional healing program at a wellness center
  • Check out emotional freedom technique or tapping (EFT)
  • Do the weekend course at Landmark Education
  • Hire a flower essence practitioner like Claudia Keel or Gina Kearney
  • Try something, anything, to help your emotional body get the attention it needs

I also think most of us could use a little less food at times, and a little more insight and contemplation.

Have you tried fasting? Please let me know your experience in the comments below.