Have you already had the virus? Lucky you!

My friend Donna called to tell me she wasn’t feeling well. She had congestion in her nose, a fever, and was feeling fatigued.

She got tested to see if she had the virus.

It was negative.

She was disappointed.

So, she took another test.

Still negative.

She said, “Damn it! I just want to get this thing and get it over with already!”

Smart girl.

I told her my nephew and his wife recently had a fever, congestion and were not feeling well. They got tested and were positive.

They are both in their mid 20’s with no underlying conditions or comorbidity factors.

When my nephew initially informed me about his diagnosis, I said, “Lucky you! Your body will start acquiring the wisdom it needs to protect you now and in the future.”

He said a woman from the CDC called him and told him the exact opposite.

She said that after his symptoms subside, he should get the vaccine because he is only protected from one of the strains of the virus, and not the others that will be coming in the future.

The workers making those calls from state and government offices are spreading false information.

I hold no ill-will toward those workers.

They are literally reading from a script that has been written for them. They are simply doing their job, and that job does NOT include researching medical literature. It only includes reciting the script they’ve been given to read aloud.

I recall listening to a similar script in February 2021. I was contacted by NYS Track and Trace Department when my 15-year nephew tested positive for the virus.

He is living with me and I was the one that took him for his test.

A new person called me every day, for ten days, reciting the same exact script, word for word, over and over again. And, each of the callers encouraged me to make my appointment to get the vaccine.

It didn’t matter that I told each of those people that I already had Covid ten months prior, and the possibility of being re-infected and falling gravely ill with one of the variants was slim to none.

According to the medical literature, most recovered patients have been found to have durable, robust, and lasting immunity even after the initial antibodies subside.

“The immune response to natural infection is likely to provide some degree of protective immunity even against SARS-CoV-2 variants because the CD4+ and CD8+ T cell epitopes will likely be conserved. The induction and maintenance of memory B cells and, over time, long-lived plasma cells will continue to furnish higher affinity antibodies if re-exposures occur.”[1]

The call center scripts need to be re-written, otherwise, workers will continue spreading false information and fear that will, in fact, spread like a plague.

My sister-in-law bought us tickets to see the Van Gogh Immersive Experience in NYC.

Before we arrived she texted, “You guys feel okay? We are all back in masks.”

I said, “Why are you back in masks? You already had Covid?”

She said, “For the last two days your brother has been reading the Yahoo News and making me crazy!”

The WORST thing anyone can do is read or watch the news!

The mainstream media, which includes social media, is riddled with sensationalistic fear-mongering nonsense.

For the sake of your health and your sanity, avert your eyes and ears from that crap. I covered that here: If you want to improve your health, DON’T watch the news!

My brother Rick is almost 60 and his wife is in her 50’s. They felt like crap for three full weeks when they were diagnosed with the virus, but their 13-year old son barely had a sniffle.

This falls in line with the medical literature about who is most susceptible to catching the virus and experiencing serious symptoms.

“The risk of developing dangerous symptoms increases with age, with those who are age 85 and older at the highest risk of serious symptoms. In the U.S., about 80% of deaths from the disease have been in people age 65 and older. Risks are even higher for older people when they have other health conditions.”[2]

My husband and I had the virus back in the first wave, March/April 2020. We consider ourselves the OG (original gangsters) in my family and have no fear of re-catching it and/or spreading it to anyone else.

An article in the well-researched and respected journal, Nature, explains it this way:

“Many people who have been infected with S*RS-CoV-2 will probably make antibodies against the virus for most of their lives. So suggest researchers who have identified long-lived antibody-producing cells in the bone marrow of people who have recovered from C*VID-19.”[3]

What’s most interesting to me is that on a couple of occasions over the past year and a half when I was exposed to people that were symptomatic and subsequently tested positive for the virus, I have felt a little tingle in my throat and/or itchiness in my eyes, as if a cold was coming. But the virus never fully hijacked my system.

My immune system mounted an immediate and robust response as it is now familiar with Covid and was able to knock it out.

That’s the way the body works.

It’s brilliantly designed.

As for my friend, Donna, I hope she gets her wish and becomes one of the lucky ones.


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