Harmonizing Liver Support Tea


When liver energy is blocked or congested, anger and frustration arise, and a lack of creativity can follow. This is when the doldrums hit and you don’t feel inspired to do anything. Nothing is flowing well in your life and everything seems out of balance.

In both ancient Japanese medicine (Kampo) and Chinese medicine (TCM), a specific root, Bupleurum chinense, was used to clear heat from the liver channel and promote the flow of obstructed Qi (energy). Traditionally this plant was taken as a tea. I’ve found that it’s gentler in tea form, rather than as a tincture.

Below is a delicious tea you can use for 14 days and then stop. Bupleurum should NOT be used as a long-term medicine. It has a purpose – to move stagnant energy. I recommend using this tea in the spring if you are feeling that the winter blues have not yet lifted, and you are feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually stagnant.

Put all ingredients into a French press or a large mason jar. Cover with 24 ounces of boiling water. Steep overnight. Drink 2 cups daily for 14 days.

* Do not drink this herb if you are pregnant because it can affect hormone balance.