Hang onto your body parts!


More and more people, including many medical doctors, have witnessed the flaws within our current system; prescription medicine protocols that keep patients trapped in a revolving door of compounding illnesses that don’t get to the root cause of the imbalance and eventually lead to unnecessary surgery.

Wise physicians and health practitioners have been moving in the direction of using food, herbs, supplements, lifestyle modifications, PLUS incorporating ancient forms of healing and complementary health approaches (CAM) to help their patients improve their health.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Complementary medicine has never been more popular. Nearly 30 percent of adults report using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Doctors are embracing CAM therapies, too, often combining them with mainstream medical therapies — spawning the term “integrative medicine.”[1]

But, there are still millions of people and doctors trapped in an outdated medical model. That disease-promoting system has been ingrained in us for the past 200 years or longer.

Many folks are convinced that we are powerless to disease, or victims of disease, and the ONLY way to stop it is to suppress the symptoms with medication, and/or to attack the body by cutting out pieces of it.

As is the case with gallbladder removal that doesn’t actually heal digestive distress. Or, if you have Crohn’s disease, say goodbye to pieces of your intestine, and sayonara to your thyroid if you have nodules or suspicious cells.

More recently, that outdated medical model will wipe out your microbiome with heavy doses of antibiotics if you’ve been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

And, the list goes on and on.

Destroying the body is NOT the answer to healing it.

A much better plan of action is to support the bodily systems with proper food and herbs, boost the immune system so it can do its work, clear the detoxification pathways so the body can cleanse, alter lifestyle and consciousness, and then get out of the way to let the body heal itself.

The human body is a self-healing organism. That’s the way it’s designed.

The evidence is widespread that altering our diet and lifestyle, rather than destroying pieces of the body unnecessarily, is the healthcare of the future.

And, this is where health coaches and wellness practitioners have the opportunity to excel.

By understanding patterns within the body and hearing what it is saying, rather than killing the messenger, we can literally prevent the disease from manifesting, and if a disease does take hold, we can shift the body into a better state of health to heal the imbalance.

Here’s a great example…

When I first met my husband he was only 36 years old and complained about chronic pain in his hips as well as headaches on the side of his head.

When I mentioned to him that those pains were directly connected to the health of his gallbladder and an inability to properly digest fats, he was shocked!

He told me that both his father and brother had their gallbladders surgically removed due to digestive distress. Unfortunately, they both still had problems with digestion and pain in the gut after the surgery.

We simply altered my husband’s diet and lifestyle and did a couple of liver/gallbladder cleanses. It is now eleven years later, he still has his gallbladder, he does NOT have that chronic hip pain anymore, and gets headaches infrequently rather than daily.

Where did all the pain and discomfort go? He is still in the same body.

His chronic pain stopped because we fed the organs what they needed (energy, nutrients, oxygen, exercise, and love), so they stopped sending the message (pain) that something was out of balance.

That’s the way it works. The body talks to us.

So, the next time anyone that is stuck in the old medical model recommends some sort of organ removal or surgery, keep in mind there may be a better approach to healing.

I encourage my clients to “hang onto your organs – you were born with them because you need them while you experiencing this amazing journey through life in a human body.”

If you are a health coach or wellness practitioner and want to support your clients with vital health and life-altering suggestions, check out my FREE Organ and Meridian Assessment Ebook for Prevention and Healing.

You’ll look at the body in a whole new and exciting way.


[1] https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/consumer-health/in-depth/alternative-medicine/art-20045267